Monday, November 19, 2012

Yo, Jesus

Let's discuss Breaking Bad.

If you don't watch this, I'm so sorry. Just bear with me. It's just that I understand the addiction of meth now, because this show has to be equally addictive.

One of our favorite parts is Jesse Pinkman's t-shirts. We are about halfway through Season 4 and last night he wore one with a big pink cross on it and it occurred to me that Jesse, a meth cook and junkie, dresses an awful lot like a lot of worship pastors I know.

Just give him a guitar and this is his edgy Christian album cover.

Is this Derek Webb

Look, this shirt even has a cross on it, sorta. He is so rocking the youth-pastor-on-meth look.

Photo Rolling Stone

His tattoos work too, because y'all might not have known this, but in order to pastor a church in Austin, it is a city ordinance that you have to have tattoos. The more the holier. 
Okay, now I'll quit alienating half my audience like (tatted) pastors do when they make a sports reference in a sermon.



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