Friday, December 7, 2012

4 kids

To start your weekend off right - Jim Gaffigan on having four kids and home births:


  1. I never comment but I always read the blog. I have to say thank you for posting this. I have four kids and they were home-birthed and I cant stand that dang Sarah McLaughlin commercial so... it fires on all fronts for me and I loved it... it made me laugh out loud. It's the little things....

    1. I always yell at that commercial too. CHILDREN ARE STARVING!!!!

      Oh well, we all need a cause. Mine are just, you know, human. But to each his own....

    2. PS Olivia, one of my bff's with 4 kids homebirthed and we joke about it all the time because there was a time in my 20s when I decided I wanted to be a midwife. I started talking to some, was looking into going to school - and then I had this big epiphany that I would NEVER birth at home myself. I am far too pain-averse. So I probably, you know, wouldn't make a good midwife.

      Carol said the conversation with Missy the Hypocritical Midwife would go like this:

      New mom: "So, what's your transfer rate?"
      Me: "Um, 85%."
      New mom: "Why?? Were they emergencies??"
      Me: "No, they were just, um, hurting..."

  2. We're hoping to get going with #4 any time now, so I've been giving the chaos lots of thought lately. We already get too much attention with the three (it's the close ages, isn't it? three kids is not that many, but I suppose three in three years is noticeable?) And my kids too much enjoy watching that Sarah McLaughlin commercial "kitty! kitty! puppy! why is the puppy sad?" We have to watch it instead of fast forwarding.

  3. HAHAHAHAHA SO FUNNY! Loved the bit about wetting the bed! My husband says when two out of three don't wet themselves, he's open to considering another child. The idea of adoption or fostering is very much on my mind, even more so after reading your posts, but not yet, because it's not practical. Please keep posting :-D

  4. Thanks for posting this. I needed a laugh today. :)


  5. The first time I watched this I laughed til I's so true on so many levels.

  6. We were just introduced to Jim Gaffigan 2 weeks ago and I laughed until I cried at that whole monolog. He is so right on all of it. Awesome!

  7. Apparently I shouldn't be homeschooling my kids. I can't even spell properly...should be monologue.

  8. Everything about this makes me laugh. I've watched it at least a dozen times and I laugh out loud each time.

    "So what's it like with four kids? Well, imagine your drowning and someone hands you a baby."

  9. Love this! This is so funny Missy- thanks for sharing it! The commercial-ahh! We're dog lovers and have two rescues but he was so right on about that. Oh, my word.

  10. Thank you!! I laughed so hard. We have six and our daughter just had her first, a home birth. Oh my, just thanks!


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