Monday, December 10, 2012

"I'm an elf that's flying with a unicorn!" - JumpStart Giveaway!

It's 12:31am. I slept from 4am to 10am last night.
But let's not talk about the jetlag anymore. It's far too depressing.

Let's do a giveaway instead!!!

The Dollahon kids were first introduced to JumpStart's educational interactive online games when I reviewed it here. (Oh my gosh, my kids were so little!) Eva Rose and Shep were the perfect age for it and played it all the time, but even though Maggie was only , she enjoyed it too.So when they asked me to review their new interface, I JUMPSTARTED on it right away. 

That's some clever brand insertion, right there, folks. Take note. 
I told you it was 12:34am.

JumpStart recently the new interactiveDreamWorks’ Madagascar™ land. This new app promises to keep your kids entertained with amazing 3D graphics, user-friendly controls and hours of game play.

For real, my kids love this game. Like, I can bribe them to do just about anything with it. Especially Maggie, who is full on in her Unicorn Phase, because JumpStart has a - GASP - WAIT FOR IT - UNICORNS!!! That they get to hatch from an egg (I think) and grow and teach to fly and give a name and EVERYTHING and Mommy do you want to come see my Mythie I named him I mean her it's a her Little Eye because she has little eyes do you want to see me give her a bath??!??!

In a minute I'll show you how cute she is playing it but first let me give you the details. 

For the Ike set:

DreamWorks’ Madagascar™ Preschool Surf N’ SlideAddictive Features:

- 18 lessons across 6 subjects: Numbers, Letters, Colors, Shapes, Animals, and Critical Thinking
- 4 Madagascar™ themed levels:  New York Zoo, Antarctica, Africa, and Madagascar™ Jungle!
- Sticker Book with 4 scenes and over 125 Madagascar™ themed stickers
- Fast-paced arcade action going down the slides!
- Designed for Preschoolers -- no confusing menus or navigation
- Unlimited play - each game flows right into the next
- Tilt or Slider controls

What I really like about JumpStart is that you can add more than one child to your account (at least four in this house) and the game designed to meet all ages where they are at.  

The first is an area called StoryLand, aimed at 3-5 year olds. Children can also explore AdventureLand and MarineLand, designed for kids in kindergarten to second grade. In addition, children in 3rd to 5th grade may be interested in checking out FutureLand and Uncle Milton’s Scienceland, geared toward older children. I also invite you to explore our most popular area, the Enchanted Sanctuary, where kids can hatch and raise their own dragons!

In the DreamWorks Madagascar™ area, all of the zoo animals and characters are present and accounted for, including the Penguins which get their own underground headquarters! The new European train ride is a great way for children to explore a little geography and culture as well. Additionally, the Central Park Zoo features fun facts and puzzles about the zoo animals and their natural habitats.

But wait there's more: there are new apps available for iPhone, iPad and Android. There is also a JumpStart Moms Club with art projects and other activities and the JumpStart Blog to let parents know all the cool new stuff - and they are always doing cool new stuff on the interface. They get very festive and seasonal. 

The graphics are wonderful. If you have a big monitor, it actually feels a little 3D-ish. Like, you can get tummy tickles when you dive in the water and stuff. 


Let's just have Mags tell you about it:

JumpStart is giving a three month membership away to one lucky winner. Which is just in time for Christmas break when the kids will be home. And need to be bribed. Or at least get out of your hair for thirty minutes.

Enter here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I was provided with a JumpStart membership at no cost by JumpStart in order to test the products’ abilities and give my own personal opinions on it. The opinions I have given are mine and may differ from others but were not influenced by the company or the free product provided.”

It's 1:36am. I'm wide awake. 
Lord help me
At least I was productive.    


  1. Dear Missy, I will pray that you get enough rest.

  2. I'm sorry you're so jet lagged. As much as I adore traveling, I hate that feeling.

    Also: is it bad that I want to play this game? recover from finals?

    1. Well it's way better than the solitaire I used to play during finals.



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