Thursday, December 13, 2012

Maggie wants to give you some music for her birthday!

My baby girl Maggie turns seven tomorrow. Seven! Hard to believe that this baby is seven. Sniff.

Tonight we watched the Grinch and I remembered how much Maggie used to remind us of Wendy Lou Who. Look at the many faces of Mags at age 2

Such a joy that baby girl was, and is!

(I can't believe I'm about to have another two year old girl in this house!)

On their birthdays, our kids get to plan the menu for the entire day. Tomorrow Maggie Belle will begin the day with a healthy breakfast of homemade strawberry ice cream, then she'll get to BUY her LUNCH at school oooooooo cafeteria food yum, then have cupcakes at school for snack (check out the natural buttercream pink icing - beet juice! can't taste the beets I promise. Unless you're into beets. In which case, yes, the rich beet undertones are scrumptious.) (It's got a good beet. Ba boom cha.)

then for dinner, we're headed to one of the many Austin restaurants with awesome playgrounds, unless it rains, in which case we will try hard to steer her towards Chuy's. Cause we always try and steer them towards Chuy's. Walker, especially, is shameless at convincing them that what they reeeeealy want for their birthday is some Chuy's.

In between all the birthday hoopla, Maggie wanted to give you a present to celebrate turning SEVEN!! She wanted to give you all Princess Celestias but since that's not feasible, she instead wants to give you an awesome Christmas CD!

Or maybe this was a collusion between my friend Jamie and I and Maggie had nothing to do with it, you'll never know.


Aaron Ivey is an awesome musician who is the Pastor of Worship at a church called Austin Stone. This is a song he wrote about bringing home his son from Haiti, so you can get a taste for how talented he is.

It's got a good beet.

I'm so stinking funny when I'm jetlagged.

He's also a great preacher - I quoted him in this blog post recently with a link to his recent sermon on adoption, which, if you haven't heard yet, just, do. I'm still chewing on some of the things he said. Especially the stuff about people like maybe your parents not accepting trans-racial adoption. A whole lotta ears just perked up, I felt it.

Okay, and I didn't tell Jamie I was doing this, but this is their story of bringing home their son Amos, who was one of the orphans in Haiti whose adoption was sped up due to the earthquake. Every time I watch this I cry. And you know I love to make y'all cry. 

Okay. Focus, Missy.  

Aaron and Austin Stone have a new Christmas CD out called A Day of Glory and Maggie has five count 'em FIVE CDs to giveaway! FA LA LA LA LA!!!

Enter in the fancy box below. 

I'm only going to run this till Tuesday morning so we can get this in the mail to you right quick. 
Good luck!


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