Thursday, December 6, 2012

They need loving families, too

My friend Kristi, whom I love, put this video on her facebook page. It features her sister and brother-in-law, Kelly and Shane Putty, who have an awesome organization called Ordinary Hero, which helps find homes for lots of kids.

Here they tell about how they are adding to their family yet again, through the beauty of adoption, just in time for Christmas. Have your Kleenex ready, it's very touching:

After watching it, I had just a few questions for the Puttys:

Could y'all not have your own elves, is that why you adopted? 
How much did he cost, and was that real money or play money?
What do you know about his 'real' parents, I mean, does he even have 'real' parents or are they just 'make-believe' parents?
Why did you adopt from the North Pole when there are plenty of pixies right here in America who need homes?
You know he's green, right? I think green babies are so cute.
Well, I'm glad you found your calling. I could never adopt an elf. But that's great for you, you're awesome. Really. I just could never, ever do that. My aunt's second cousin twice removed adopted an elf once and he burned their Christmas tree down.

I'm gonna touch his hair now. Oh it's so soft!!


  1. I for one really couldn't adopt an elf. I'm glad others are called to but I'm not called to. You never know how they'll turn out. I mean, they could have violent tendencies they are hiding. Plus, they are creepy and they wear tights.

    1. He is a tight wearer. I think it's really selfish of them to deny him of his tights culture.

      They are probably just trying to be trendy. Brangelina adopted an elf, now everyone wants one.

  2. How often do you wash that kind of hair, anyway? You know a lot of elves grow up to be egg nog and cookie addicts, don't you?

  3. Oooh, I love me some sarcasm. Thanks for the laugh!!

  4. my question is why is Buddy married.. he is wearing a wedding ring at the end when he is hugging his new mom and dad.. and why didn't they adopt his wife too.. is she adopted by a family near by so they can see each other once in a while?...thanks for the morning chuckle Missy.. Hugs in Him

  5. LOL that elf reminds me of having a special needs child. In fact, your comments about adoption have their 'special needs child' equivalents:

    Such as Q. "Oh, yes, autism! Like Rain Man. What's your son's special ability?"
    A. "He doesn't really have one."
    Q. "Autistic kids are really clever, aren't they?"
    A. "Um, no. Most autistic children have learning disabilities. Some can't even talk."
    Q. "Oh. So will he grow out of it?"
    A. "Um, no. Autism is here to stay."
    Q. "Will he ever be able to take care of himself, get a job, etc.?"
    A. "Um, not likely. A recent survey showed 90% of autistic adults still live with their parents."

    etc., etc., etc.

    But I *do* think you're awesome for adopting and I shall say so! ;-)

  6. Loved this! Thanks for looking at the lighter side :)

  7. Oh man - LOL! I needed this for sure this morning :)



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