Tuesday, December 18, 2012

WFMW - making the world a better place, one wreath at a time

I haven't done a Works for Me Wednesday in a long time and I know the world has been a sadder, less informed place for lack of my wisdom. My Mis-dom.

Ohhhhh, I do like that. My Misdom. YES. That's a keeper. MISDOM.

I meant to bless the world with this little tidbit last December but alas, I forgot, because that's what I do best, I forget things. Tonight while watching Shep's school Christmas performance I was wondering, hmmmm, whatever shall I post? And I recalled that it was Wednesday! Yea! I have something to say! Something that works! For me! On Wednesday!

Y'all ready?

Good night, after that setup, this better be life-changing, Missy.

It is, sisters. I'm gonna tell y'all how to hang your wreaths up after Christmas. 

Visually. With really bad iPhone photos. Taken by one husband eyeballs a-rolling.
And a partridge in a pear treeeee.

Here we go:

1. No! More! Wire! Hangers! Except for this, you need one, go get one. 

 2. Use your girl power and stretch that baby out. Make a sexy pouty face while you do it.


Cause nothing says sexy pouty like a haggard 9pm mom face wearing a Christmas tree shirt from Target.

come hither, Walker Dollahon.

3. For this step, I need you to make as stupid a face as possible. Stick the wire through the wreath. Have the wreath hang in the balance of the wire hanger. Contemplate life...how our very beings just hang, in the balance, like a Christmas wreath, on a stretched out wire hanger...

Or, don't, your choice, whatever.

4. Okay here's the complicated part. Time to finally put that degree to work, girls! Stick with me now.

Take the pokey hookey end of the hanger, and stick it through the looped end, and pull.

TA DA!!! 

Now you can put a dry cleaner bag over it and hang it from a rafter in your attic until next December.

You. Are. So. Welcome.

Rake in some more wisdom over at We Are That Family.


  1. Ha ha. So I read this while kind of distracted by my busy kids, and I'm looking at the pictures and thinking, really, you're going to hang up your wreath on your door like THAT? Maybe add some big poofy bows to hide that bent hanger? Or no? Hmmm... and then I re-read it and realized AHA, you're talking about storing your wreaths. And that IS brilliant. :)

  2. You crack me up, Missy. Wish we were sitting together sipping sangria.

  3. this is great :). getting caught up on the Bethie updates! so happy for your family. the post (without pictures) of the babies in the "orphanage" is powerful. blessings to you ☺

  4. You definitely had me cracking up on step 4. And this is a fantastic idea...and a fantastic way to not have to feel guilty about throwing out those horrible wire hangers!



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