Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Your daily Bethie


  1. So sweet. But can I tell you how much it nauseates my stomach to see her going back to her Nanny for reassurance? Not that it's a BAD thing b/c I know her having a Nanny means she will (hopefully) attach more easily to you guys. But still, YOU are Mommy. I know she doesn't understand that and maybe I'm PMSing and emotional. But it makes me hurt for you. B/c if it were me I'd want to scoop her up, love and kiss her and tell her that I'll love her forever and nothing will change that. But that would scare the crap out of her - and likely you white folks did at first - thus the need for Nanny.

    Is that a ramble?

    1. Girl, this wasn't even THE nanny, this was just A nanny. When THE nanny was there, the smiles were very minimal.

  2. Praying that each day you grow to be more and more of a forever family. I know from your blog that you know what you're doing, and that you have the determination to do it :-)
    Sandy x

  3. Aww, very sweet. It's overwhelming for her right now, but she's a brave soul who is also, I can tell, excited and pleased with these new faces--your new faces--come to play and be with her. I know when she shrinks away it must be heart-rending, but it's also sign of how loving she is (as I know you know)--she knows and loves the people who've taken care of her. She's brave, and she's loving: when she's home with you, she'll come to know and love you not just as caretakers, but as her own family.

  4. Can I tell you that I just burst into tears? This adoption road is such a long one and I have been so discouraged about the wait. Seeing Bethie's face here just made it all SO real and worth the years (yes, YEARS!) of waiting.
    She is precious, Missy!

  5. Oh the preciousness.

    Praying for you all on this emotional journey !

  6. Oh the road you all will travel! But, from one who has gone before...YOU CAN DO IT! And it will be hard, and emotional and WONDERFUL! And God will bless you!
    She is just beautiful, Missy. You can do this!



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