Tuesday, January 29, 2013

An important question for the American church

Continuing the theme of the 40th anniversary of Roe v Wade, please welcome my dear friend Grace, who chases four children, blogs at Gracelings, runs the very important FBI for Gladney families, and has a very important question to ask. 

If I could ask the Christian Church in America one thing, it would be this:

Where are all our babies with Down Syndrome?

If we, the Christian Church (and I'm looking at you, Evangelicals) are so pro-life as to want to pass legislation requiring women to view ultrasounds of their baby before they can have an abortion, if we want to limit access to emergency contraception, if we want to make abortion illegal and criminalize the practitioners and patients who engage in abortion, we need to ask this question of ourselves.

Where are all our babies with Down Syndrome?

Baby Lily, story at National Association for Down Syndrome

It's estimated that 90-95% of pregnancies with a prenatal diagnosis of Down Syndrome end in elective termination. That's right. 90-95% of women who find out they care carrying a child with Down Syndrome abort their baby.

Assuming that Down Syndrome occurs with the same frequency among Christians and non-Christians, for every 5 children with Down Syndrome born to Non-Christians, there should be 95 children with Down Syndrome born to Christians.

But I don't know 95 Christian families with kids with DS.  
Do you 
Why is that, Church? 
Where are all those precious babies?

Sweet baby Trey, whose story is here

Beloved, if we want to be pro-life, we need to start in our own wombs.

What if we, Church, were to show the world what pro-life looks like? What if we were to show the world that every life, even especially those lives with atypical chomosomal make-up, are precious? What if we were to value each life that God knits together in our wombs so much that we had entire Sunday School classes to minister to parents of children with Down Syndrome, or entire VBS camps for our atypical blessings? What if those 90-95 babies filled our sanctuaries with their joyful smiles? 

Then, Church, then we would truly be pro-life.

This post originally appeared on gracelings.org.


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