Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Diary of a Lumpy Mom: The Lyn-Genet Plan Day 3 - Who's your daddy?

DAY 3: - The test was positive  

Weigh in: 141

  • Okay, I'm converted! I'm drinking the Lyn-Genet Aid! Lost another pound and did not feel at all hungry yesterday! And I feel great!
  • Since I lost weight after a test, I guess I am not reactive to almonds - YEA! 
  • I am really scared to see what I am reactive to. If it is tomatoes, stinky cheese, and wine, my life will no longer have any meaning. 
  • Had my one little cup of coffee today. Am actually loving and craving the lemon water no ice with a straw please. I bought some Red Zinger tea yesterday because that's allowed, but don't even want it. I'm gonna be one of those annoying skinny chicks who walks around in yoga pants drinking water all the time! Yippee!
  • Made the flax seed granola - oh, I am so addicted. It's really good, y'all. I was a skeptic but I've seen the light. The Flax Seed Light.

    All the recipes from the book are here, but here's what you do:
    1. Buy whole, not ground, flax seeds. Had to get these from the bin at HEB.
    2. Soak them in half as much water overnight.
    3. In the morning they will be like a soft brick. Lay them out on a cookie sheet and bake at 275 for 20 minutes, stir, 20 minutes more, stir, 10 min more, they will get crunchy. Add stuff (I added cinnamon, raisins and coconut flakes) and bake 10 more minutes.
    4. Eat with blueberries. 

    The flaxseed 'brick' after soaking overnight

    The only downside is that you will be picking little flaxseeds out of your mouth for a while. So worth it feeling like Big Bird for the rest of the morning. I doubled this recipe. It's hard to only eat one cup! 
    Finished granola. Yum! 

    Flax seed is good for you when it is soaked, because the mucilage is released, aka, flax seed snot, which does a little colon sweep for ya. When I posted this recipe facebook, a friend of mine shared that in Ethiopia, the women use the flax seed snot as hair gel.
    And that's your fascinating but useless bit o'knowledge for the day. 
    You're so welcome.

  • Even though I stayed up way too late last night, I feel GOOD. Energized. Happy. Skinny :)
  • Lunch: Spicy Vegetarian Soup with kale, zucchini, carrots, broccoli, garlic, cinnamon, and a can of those high dollar chick peas. I also made the Spicy Coco Sauce to go with it. Lyn-Genet says that someone told her they would eat kitty litter if it had that sauce on it. I wouldn't go that far but I might eat liver. Maybe. Tastes very Thai, and Thai is - I was gonna say bueno, but that's ethnically incompatible. Whatever. It's dang bueno. But the soup? Deep sigh. Not yummy. Maybe it is because I have such a divine affection for soup? It was...edible.
  • Within an hour of eating lunch, I was cleaning up the kitchen, I thought, "Wow, I feel bloaty. I've lost that skinny tight svelte lovin feeling."

    Then I looked down.

    except for my boobs.


    Such happy news!
    Too bad Walker was out of town and missed the joyful surprise!

    Because, boy, would he be surprised.

    "I thought my baby sister was coming from Africa!" Maggie cried. 
    Eva Rose captured this precious maternity photo.


    I gaze in amazement at the miracle within, 
    while Maggie's innocent face depicts a sobering portrait of confusion, and revulsion.

    Okay so WHAT the WHAT?? I looked back over the menu for breakfast and lunch....the only thing I had tried new was the spicy coco sauce? But I had had coconut in my granola too and did fine. What about the soup - GASP! Chickpeas! Expensive organic chickpeas!!


    Y'all, I LOVE my chickpeas. The big ole Costco Sabra hummus tub with some carrots or celery is my lazy lunch several times a week. I sprinkle them on salads. I put them in soups. Chickpeas are my FRIENDS!

    Plus the whole point of these first three days is to eat a diet rich in non-reactive foods so that you can get your baseline, to test possible reactive foods later. Chickpeas are 90% of the population's friends, according to Lyn-Genet's Reactive Foods List! Chickpeas are the Miss Congeneality of the legume family! 

    I sent Lyn-Genet a message asking her to explain away this devastating unplanned pregnancy. 

    Her response: 
    Well sister, it sounds like chickpeas are NOT your friend {NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!} and they are the easiest to consume out of the whole bean/legume family. Hummus is even more reactive because of tahini. {NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!}  I would not repeat day 3 as this is a string indication that your body is saying NO to chickpeas {NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!}. You can retest in 2 wks. The interesting thing is if you eat a food too often you can easily build a food sensitivity to it. It sounds like this might be true of you and your hummus. If you retest negative again, I would wait to retest in 6 months. Then limit to once a week if you pass. It's when we have mild inflammatory day after mild inflammatory day that the body starts to weaken and health erodes. Great job listening to your body! Very proud of you. Hope you took a probiotic and you are using Renew Life 30 billion.

    Oh, my heart. My beloved chickpeas. It appears the beautiful relationship we had was....even more beautiful than I thought.

    My mom said, when I told her, "And you're actually shocked that you're in the rare 10%?"

    I'm sure she meant I'm just unique and original. I'm sure she didn't mean I'm a total legume reactive weirdo. I'll know for sure in a couple of weeks.

    At least I get chicken tonight for dinner.



  1. Oh, girl...that was FUNNY!

  2. Wow, crazy times. I just bought some of that hummus and chips from Costco to eat for lunch... maybe I shouldn't do it every day this week. (and I say this as an allergy person, not to rub it in your face)
    You have me very intrigued by this diet although I think at this point my hubby would just about kill me if I started buying weird random foods to try it. :(

  3. When I turned about 55 coffee became a fiend in my life. I didn't want to admit it. No more mochas for me unless I wanted to act like a 5 year old. The extra energy never worked in my favor. I felt like climbing the walls and jumping on the bed until 2am. I am my own parent now and was not a very good one. I wouldn't listen to myself at all. Finally, I had to say no to my beloved companion of cup in hand smelling the extra wonderful stuff that came from freshly ground beans. I can still have a cup of coffee in the morning but not in the afternoon. I miss not being able to coffee klatch in the afternoons. Do you know what that is to a Puget Sound girl? What thing in Texas could you not do without? Now, though, I can actually sleep 7 hours at night. I am planning to read The Plan.

  4. Hi Missy! I've been a long-time reader of yours but have been lousy at sending you comments. First, I'm so happy you're bringing Bethie home! What a journey you've been on!

    This new diet you're on has me really intrigued. I'm on a strange diet right now, too, and came to the same conclusion as this Dr.: some foods are healthy, but not for every body.

    My youngest son has a condition called FPIES, and I'm on a strict elimination diet so I can safely breastfeed him. After 5.5 months of eating this way, I can FEEL the way my body reacts to different foods in a way I never could before. It's amazing! (I wrote about this phenomenon, if you want to look:

    Anyway, from one Mom on an elimination diet to another, feel free to drop me a line to trade stories. I look forward to reading more about what you discover as you get healthier.

    Oh, and thanks to you? I'm simply avoiding exposure to food dyes in my older son for now...just in case. :-)

    You're amazing and a great inspiration to me. Thanks for writing!

  5. Krista.. you are not supposed to use store bought hummus. And DEFINITELY NOT crackers LOL

  6. I am definitely interested in this ... we all have our moments where we realize that some "healthy" food or other is completely unhealthy for us individually. I like the way this diet seems to go slow, trying things in a slow enough pace that if you're aware of yourself, you can see your body reacting.

    I'm going to keep reading for more updates!


    I am literally laughing outloud over here! Good luck on your journey to health. That's awesome you are committed!

  8. My son is allergic to peanuts and since they are legumes and not nuts at all, we were advised that sometimes kids will also react to legumes. Well, he's fine with all but round legumes: chickpeas, lentils, and green peas. Luckily his reaction to those have never been as horrifying as the peanuts, but it's pretty hard to make sure those aren't in his food. And honestly, I hate green peas. Bleeeeyuuuck. So, I use him as the excuse to never have peas. Anyway, so the good news is at least you don't go into anaphylaxis! :) I've noticed that hummus makes me feel bloated, too. Glad I read this. Now I know I'm not imagining things.

  9. I had the same problem!!! I'm wondering what to do for the rest of the recipes during the next few weeks that include chick peas? I guess there's not comparable alternative for us 10 percent-ers. Damn! Extra pumpkin seeds?

  10. Oh my word, Missy. I laugh out loud more at your blog than any other. THANK YOU for poking fun at yourself. Your maternity photo shoot was stinkin hilarious. Is there any other woman on the planet that would post a picture of her giant bloated belly?? There should be. Thanks for being real. So imperfectly real, in a blogland of wannabe perfect people.

  11. I know, commenting on an old post is not cool. :) Just had time to catch up and saw this post in my feed and it made me think of so many things I just HAD to say (from one stranger to another. ha.). I NEED coffee or SOMEthing in life as I deal with chronic fatigue, however, my body/hormones, etc. react in a "mean" way to caffeine. Have you tried Crio Bru? It is either a love or hate thing. I got some for my husband - he didn't like it, but I DO and it gives me energy. WOO HOO! the health benefits are great.

  12. Great blog!! I'm also doing The Plan. Try making your own chickpeas and humus, maybe without the added salt they'll be ok? It's not hard to do, just put them in a pan to soak over night, rinse and add water and cook the next morning. I love the vegetable soup, and have shared it at work and they love it too. Try it again (minus chickpeas)

  13. I'm looking back over your posts about The Plan bc I just bought to book yesterday (finished reading it today!). I would really like to give it a go, but I'm worried about the flax seeds and their "cleansing" effect. You see (and this is TMI, but I'm going there anyway), I don't have an issue with - ahem - regularity, and I'm worried the granola will cause things to be even more ... frequent. Eeek!

    I've also found your posts about your son's behavior issues very interesting and helpful. We have taken artificial colors out of our son's diet, and we are considering other dietary adjustments.

    Have enjoyed following your adoption progress - and all of the pics now that Bethie is home! Best wishes to all!

    1. RLR, please inform me of your "trials" with the flax seed granola. I, like you, do not have any issues with regularity and would prefer to keep it that way! Too much of a good not a good thing!

  14. I am on day 4 of the plan. This is my second go around. I did the plan a year ago and don't remember craving salt so much. I have so enjoyed reading about your experiences with the plan.Thank you for the laughs.



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