Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Diary of a Lumpy Mom: The Plan days 1 and 2

My experience with The Lyn-Genet Plan

** I am playing catch-up, since today was really Day 4 for me, but I don't want these posts to be too long. But I do want you to get the Full Missy Plan Experience ** You can follow me on facebook for real-time updates.

I will be emailing Lyn-Genet some questions for her to answer and later will talk to her live and in person.

The Plan: Eliminate the Surprising "Healthy" Foods That Are Making You Fat--and Lose Weight Fasthas very detailed meal plans for you, which are here on pdf. You eat plenty - I have not been hungry at all. I followed them about 85%, mostly because I didn't have all the ingredients. I didn't always eat exactly what it said, but I never ate anything it didn't say.

Here we go -

Starting weight: 143.6.
(Yes, I just put my weight on the Internet.
But I am not posting any before photos unless I end up with awesome after photos. I do have a tiny bit of dignity.)

143.6 this morning, however, I am often 145. This is ridiculously high since I am only 5'1.5. My best wedding weight was 128, which seems high for a shorty like me, but I'm just, well, dense. 

But please, four pregnancies and one stressful adoption later, there's no way I'll ever be 128 again. And I'm okay with that. I would be happy with 132, thrilled with 130. I am not happy with my weight now. I am very much in the Delete All Photos Of Myself stage.

After the 20 days are over, I will be exercising on my personalized Sandy Plan. But Lyn-Genet says not to exercise now, golly gosh darn!

Y'all ready?

Saturday, January 12

Day 1:  Crap
weigh in: 143.6
  • I went shopping yesterday just going off the website (there was no shopping list on there, there is now, thank goodness) so I am short on some stuff. Will go to store later today.
  • I had two cups of dandelion tea this am. Not the best tasting stuff but bearable. It kind of grows on me. 
  • Did not have the flax seed for the granola so just ate blueberries for breakfast.
  • I am actually enjoying drinking so much water. It just FEELS cleansing. And when I pee it's very, like, satisfactory (is that TMI? Sorry)
  • had a raging headache by noon. Not sure if it is from caffeine withdrawals, or the detox, or if I am truly sick. Feels like a horrific hangover. Memories of sophomore year of college and a tequila experiment. It hurts when I move my head like I can feel my brains sloshing around. I was Les Miserables. But if you had sung to me it would have really, really hurt. My four children did not grasp this noise-to-pain correlation at all.
  • Made the ginger carrot soup. Eh. Would be a whole lot better with some salt and a block of cream cheese!
  • The orange sauce for the broccoli is really yummy. That may be a keeper.
  • I cannot make the coco sauce or sauteed kale for dinner because I am too sick. Just eating broccoli again. Starting to feel nauseous so I don't want to eat much anyway. NOTE: MAKE ALL OF DAY ONE IN ADVANCE IN CASE YOU FEEL TOO CRAPPY TO COOK
  • The book says to 'pamper myself' today. I think that may be code for 'don't make any plans cause you're gonna feel like warm death.' Glad Walker is here to watch kids. Watched about 8 episodes of Parenthood on Netflix from the couch or bed. Thank you Bravermans, your bad decision making skillz helped to take my mind off my tequila-hangover-that-wasn't
  • At 8pm I caved and took some Sudafed, thinking maybe this is a sinus headache, and then about 10pm, I took my last precious Vicodin from my surgery last year. Yes, the headache pain is that bad. This is the worse headache I've had barring a migraine. Feel like I probably just wasted the day and blew it by taking pain meds and not completely sticking to the diet. But once the Vicodin kicked in, didn't really care anymore. 

DAY 2 - I dream of salt

Weigh in: 142.6
  • Woke up and headache was better, not as bad, but still here.
  • Weighed myself and was SHOCKED - I've lost a pound! Vicodin and all!
  • Walker convinced me to drink some coffee. I drank only about 4oz and voila, headache was gone! I guess I am addicted to caffeine. I didn't realize it because I rarely drink more than one cup a day. Wonder what else I don't know I am addicted to...
  • Breakfast: Had blueberries again since I obviously didn't get to the store yesterday. Still don't feel fantastic so I laid in bed with various kids for most of the morning. Walker doesn't feel good and neither does Eva Rose and I'm not 100% so we worshiped at Bedside Baptist today.
  • Lunch: had a bowl of leftover carrot soup (bleh) and the salad. Apple for snack. Munched on broccoli. Got to eat some avocado with my salad - heaven!!
  • Went to HEB this afternoon to get the rest of the stuff I need. Maggie came with me for a mommy date. They give the kids free fruit at HEB so she played with a banana for a while and then ate it. Then when it was gone said, "I am just thinking about that banana, and all the good times we had..."
  • I feel a LOT better now.  God. Bless. Coffee.
  • Got the flax seeds - had to get them from the bin. Organic, and super cheap - a big bag was less than $3. Also got pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds and chia seeds. All of HEB's healthy food was 10% off today - score! Maggie was eating the flax seeds raw. Weirdo. She also loved the carrot soup and she loves broccoli. She's a perfect Plan kid!
  • Man I wish organic blueberries weren't so stinking expensive.  
  • Literally talked out loud to myself about how much more expensive organic low sodium chickpeas are. Yes, I was the crazy lady in the grocery store who talks to herself. 
  • My shopping list said 'unsalted potato chips'. I went down the aisle where they keep the Holy Grails and Amelia Earhart tossed them in my cart for me. Unsalted potato chips? For real? Not at HEB. Maybe Whole Foods?
  • I dream of salt.
  • Walking around the store I just FELT skinny. Weird. Like I felt tight. But if food was making me bloated - then that make sense, doesn't it? It's good to be tight, y'all.
  • TEST: the first test food of The Plan. Almonds.
  • Dinner: I get rice! Whoo hoo! I have never gotten excited about brown rice before. One cup, which is actually a lot. The sauteed kale with shitake mushrooms was DELISH, especially after I squeezed some lemon juice on it. It was very filling too. 
  • Beet and carrot salad: I bought a salad like this from Costco recently. It was pretty good. Because it had tons of feta. And salt. This one was okay. Bonus: grating fresh beets makes your kitchen look like a crime scene.
  • Not supposed to drink water past 7:30 so guzzled 16 ounces at 7pm - blech


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