Friday, January 4, 2013

Expedit me

Hallo, internets! So how was your Christmas?

Mine was pretty good. It was okay. I was a bit hormonal. Okay, a lot hormonal. Like, so hormonal that Walker might have said later, "So you might have cussed a little more on Christmas morning than the average Christian mother of five, but you're still a good mom...." Sigh.  Well, the kids enjoyed it. Not the Christmas morning cussing, that was mouthed across the room/whispered in the kitchen for my husband's ears only. They enjoyed the presents and the overpriced organic candy canes and the joyful yuletide and all that.

Ah, estrogen, remember when we used to be friends??
Whatever, you've been a mean girl since seventh grade.

I'm pretty sure I'm the only "Christian Mommy blogger" who just admitted to cussing out her husband on the day in which we celebrate our Savior's birth. Don't y'all have someone holier to read?

Before you go find her, let me show you what has kept me occupied for the past two days....I redid my playroom. And I am pretty stinking excited about it.

If it were Christmas Day I'd use another word that 'stinking' but it's not so I won't.

Now we are just renting this house, which is hard for me because I am a paint it/redecorate it/I just saw the cutest thing at Home Goods type of girl. But since I'm just renting, I don't want to invest time or money into a place that we might vacate this summer.

It's been a little painful.

They call this house a four bedroom. We've got the boys bunked up and the girls bunked up, and the fourth bedroom - which, come on, is really a study, because it's got those French doors and it's right when you walk in the front door - we use as a "playroom".

This is the before.

Mismatched odds and ends thrown together. Snooze.

And sadly, the 'playroom' stayed about this clean, because the kids never, ever played in there.

Our old house in Houston had a playroom that I had designed myself.

It was big, bright, and had tons of storage

and it was always a mess because the kids were in there all the time. 

I miss it. Sniff. 

In this house I had stored their toys in the closet of the "playroom" but there's the problem - I'm gonna need that closet! To store size 2 little girl clothes! That seem to be multiplying by the minute!!

So on Wednesday I braved the blustery cold and rain (I think it was in the 30s! Texas Armageddon!) way across town - my, Austin, how you've grown - to IKEA ("Is that Ike's store?" asked Maggie) to get me some - drumroll please - Expedit shelves.Before I began Pinterest-ing phrases such as 'organize playroom' I had no idea about the love that exists among womankind for the variances of the Expedit collection. People have whole entire boards dedicated to them! They're not just shelves, they're beds! And doll houses! And nightstands! And can even be converted to one of my obsessions, window seats (see above photo!) 

And let's not even get started on the basket options.

Expedit shelving is not just reasonably priced functional furniture.
It's a religion.

I decided to see if they were really who they said they were.

I arrived at Scandinavian temple of IKEA and began the labyrinth with the other pilgrims, meditating on the glories of particle board, when suddenly, there they were. Then I almost asked a priest in a yellow shirt if I needed to be re-baptized, because y'all, the Expedits are truly miraculous.

Red! Brown! Swedish (the signature beech/birch IKEA color)! And not only white but - hallelujah - GLOSSY white!

And then there are the different combos - four cubes? Eight cubes? Oh, the endless combinations that can be created for every room in a house! I had almost convinced myself that our living room really needed the Holy of Holies, the TWENTY FIVE CUBER, when I centered myself, breathed in through my nose and out through my mouth and repeated the mantra: we're just renting. we're just renting.

The sixteen cuber was the one that my heart desired but then I saw a sign: We're sorry this product is temporarily oversold. And I remembered, dangit, IKEA is always out of what I came for!!

Twenty more minutes of staring and pondering and I decided on two eight cubers which could be pretend to be a sixteen cuber if I chose. Brought them home, Walker assembled quickly, and, behold, the new playroom!

Kinda cute, huh?

The best part - look, what's that? at the table?

It's a kid. Because they are actually playing in here. In fact they've spent the whole cold rainy week in here.

Blaring her first CD

across the house, Miss BossyPants Eva Rose very quickly began to lay down the law to her siblings

Sadly she forgot to tell them that they were not allowed to paint on that papper and there is now a dark secret underneath the rug. 

which gives me a new mantra:
it's just a's just a deposit....



  1. You make me laugh... and anyone who confesses to cussing on Christmas day is MUCH more interesting to read about than some other blog... Off to pinterest Expedite shelves, because who doesn't need another reason to go shopping at IKEA?

  2. I have the twenty five cuber in the boys' room and it. is. amazing. But we're going to have to sell it with the house.

    1. why? oh well, they are so inexpensive, it's probably easier to buy another than to move it.

  3. Ditto Ditto Ditto...looks great!!!!!!!!!! You are hilarious!!

  4. O.K., hilarious!! "If it were Christmas Day I'd probably use another word." Ha!! I'm going to be laughing about that all day.

  5. I don't know about you, but I have discovered that the more children I have, the more cursing I do. I once had a pastor who said that cursing is a sign of a frustrated spirit - apparently children must frustrate my spirit or something...

    1. The pastor who was never a mother! Nothing wrong with releasing frustration, I reckon, especially if it would otherwise be directed *at* children... I speak from experience ;-)

  6. We call it "speaking in tongues" :P I love your playroom! I love your old one better, but's only a rental, right? I feel your pain! I really really miss our "owned" home. I want so much to build a playroom/guestroom for our grands but here I sit "making it work". I LOVE IKEA! :)

  7. Does anyone else see the mickey mouse face in the stain?

  8. Eva Rose sounds like my oldest who is forever placing misspelled rules around our home. (Just for fun, my middle daughter is also Evangeline.)

  9. My heart rate increased just a little when I saw all those cubes. I lust (yes, I said lust) after the 25 cuber - haven't ever found a place where it would fit in the house. But I have a feeling that one day I will arrive home with one and we will just have to make do - who needs dining room tables?!?

  10. Is there something wrong with the fact that I got a little happy because you cursed? Ha! Best Christian Mommy Blogger EVER!!



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