Monday, January 14, 2013

THE PLAN muhahahaha

I feel like I have to put it in all caps and say it in an ominous voice: THE PLAN muhahahahahaha

Did any of y'all watch Dr. Oz on Monday to see Lyn-Genet talk about THE PLAN? Muhahaha?

If you did, you got the lowdown on how this works. I'm going to steal borrow some copy off her website now because why reinvent the spiel?

Tired of dieting? Good because diets don’t work.

Calories mean nothing and there is no such thing as “healthy” food: all that matters is how YOUR body digests food.  When you eat a food that doesn’t work for your body an inflammatory response is triggered and this response affects your weight, your health and hastens the aging process. The Lyn-Genet Plan works by finding these healthy foods and when these foods are omitted from your diet, you lower chronic low-grade inflammation. When inflammation is decreased everything falls into place, health, vitality and optimal weight.

When I was contacted to review this book and get a phone consult with Lyn-Genet, the word that popped out at me was inflammation. Because at our house, it's Auto-Immune-Mess-R-Us. I am a walking talking mess of symptoms and one of my kids seems to be already following suit.

Okay, so lean in Myrtle, and let Granny tell you the laundry list of things I have been diagnosed with in the past and/or currently deal with: migraines (since kindergarten), restless leg syndrome, IBS, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, insomnia (every night), FPHS (Flippin Psycho Hormone Syndrome) and hypothyroidism. The odd thing about all those is-shuas is that whenever I read about them, they always seem to travel around together in a pack.  Several of you have emailed me and listed your junk and we are like, total Whiny Soul Sisters.

I also keep testing high cholesterol, which makes no sense to me. When I look at all the "eat like this to lower your cholesterol" I whine, "I ALREADY eat like this!!"

I have tried every stinking vitamin or supplement out there (the main ones I still swear by are Vitamin D and magnesium) and last year, found a doctor who prescribed natural progesterone and cortisol and that has helped a TON. I am also on an obscene amount of thyroid meds.  All this has helped.

But there is this other issue, that I know a ton of y'all know very well, that after I quit having babies, no matter what I have tried to do, no matter how much I exercised, or ate right, my metabolism just stinks and I couldn't seem to lose this extra ten (or so) pounds. So then I said, well to heck with it, and the ten pounds turned into fifteen.  

And it scares me to think where that's going.

A glimpse into my future via Fat Booth

And, as y'all know, because I've mentioned it 48 times, I have a kid who has proven to me that he can be affected very negatively not only by artificial chemicals like dyes and preservatives (duh) but also, tragically, he turns into the spawn of Satan when he eats healthy natural foods like apples or strawberries. Which means for him, those foods aren't healthy at all.

Could it be that I react to some foods just like Ike does??  Do I need a Mommy Feingold?

From Lyn-Genet:
When you eliminate foods that are inflammatory for your body  you can increase your caloric intake because your body is no longer having an inflammatory responses which retards digestion and causes you to put on anywhere from .5 to 2 lbs in inflammatory response. This inflammatory response is NOT water weight. Water weight can be reversed within 24 hrs. Reactive response can easily last for 72 hours and causes more than just weight gain-it kick starts whatever our chronic or latent health issues are. It also affects our digestion (IBS, constipation, Crohns).
Color me intrigued. 

So I got the book, went shopping, and dove in.

I'm going to keep you guys totally updated on how the Lyn-Genet Plan works for me. Until then, if you missed Dr. Oz, you can watch the segment here, and if you go to her facebook page, you'll learn a lot too. 

Is this just another diet gimmick? Let's find out...


  1. Can you do the plan without getting the phone consult? Like just getting the book?

  2. There's another diet out there that's all about eating foods that are anti-inflammatory. Eating paleo! Check out The Paleo Mom blog and read up on her autoimmune protocol. There's so many popular paleo blogs lately, Stacy of Paleo Parents also suffers from a litany of illnesses like you. I can't get much 'free' information on the lyn-genet diet but from what you've posted, it sounds very similiar. Good luck! I've been all about nutrition lately so thanks for giving me another book to read.

  3. I forgot to put up the links and I'm already in bed - ill do it tomorrow!

  4. Eeeeeeeeenteresting. Will look forward to hearing about your progress!

  5. Excited to see what you find on your journey.

  6. Thanks so much for sharing!! I really want to give this a go!

  7. I am also doing The Plan and I LOVE it! I saw Lyn-Genet on Dr. Oz! I am working with the team at The Plan to work on getting their name out in new locations (I'm in WI) and as part of it I get to work with a nutritionist. I absolutely love it! Highly recommend it!!!!



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