Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Terror and Love Technique to Parenting

"Mom, what did it feel like to have a baby?"

It's been nine years since I had him, the one with the rather deep questioning voice coming from the back seat. But oh, I remember.

"It hurt."

"Why did it hurt?"

"Because it's rather uncomfortable to have another human being inside of you," I began, delighted to describe the intense suffering and sacrifice I made in order to give him life.

"No, no, not like that," he said. My martyrdom moment was lost, sigh. "I mean what did it feel like to have me, when they actually put me in your arms?"

"Oh. That," I said. That, that was something else entirely. I shuddered.

"That was absolutely terrifying."

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  1. I love you! Needed this today. (3 weeks until leaving for boy B...Eek!)

  2. Oh wow, can I relate! And then when our 2 year old came home from Haiti, I promptly (in my incredibly sleep deprived in a way no 39 year old woman was ever meant to be state) forgot everything about attachment and trauma that I had studied during our 3 year long wait... and made every mistake possible. And yet somehow she is also turning out to be a pretty amazing little person. Maybe it's in spite of us... not so much because of us ;) And prayer... lots of prayer for grace to cover up those mistakes. I can tell you she sure knows the drill "Sorry..." "I forgive you". Not such a bad thing to learn, right?

  3. How to get rid of the battery ad that moves with the page when I try to scroll away from it? Cuz obviously tapping the X 10,000 times doesn't work! Just sayin:)



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