Tuesday, February 26, 2013

5 Days Home

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My baby girl is so petrified of being abandoned again that she can't let me out of her sight. Tonight after she fell asleep in my arms I made the mistake of taking a shower -- it woke her up, and when she could not find me, she was hysterical and it took two hours for her to fall back asleep. Precious girl. Pray for her little broken heart. 

Now that she's finally asleep I'm so paranoid of her waking up that I just had walker put a blanket at the door to our bedroom to knock out the TV noise. This is SO much like having a newborn!!

Four nights ago, she was in Africa. Now she's in my bed. Amazing.


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  1. Love reading what you have to say, you are so so funny! This takes me right back to the first few weeks/months with my little one, she was the same, would only fall asleep on me and then once asleep only stay asleep if I was near her. Gradually I was able to roll her off onto the bed and she would stay asleep, which graduated into sleeping in the crib right next to me, and now 1 year later in her own bed in her own room. Your Bethie is precious, so happy for both of you. Praying for you and your family xoxoxo



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