Friday, February 22, 2013

Facebook updates Feb 22-23

Feb 22

Doing great. This morning has been spent feeding dollies, changing dollies diapers, dressing dollies, putting dollies night night (on their tummies, with blankets, pat pat), and playing with but not eating puffs and Cheerios. I also got my first giggle this morning. 

So amazed at our precious little girl!

How I spend half my life now.
Ever so thankful for my iPhone and kindle!

Feb 23

* Bethie cried and screamed and threw her toothbrush across the room tonight at bedtime because she didn't want to sleep. Oh little darlin, you're Momma's fifth two year old. I ain't ascareda you. She was snoring precisely three minutes later.

* Regardless of how well things are going, adoption is just like having a newborn. In other words, miserable. And by 5pm you want to stab someone and that's usually right when your husband shows up and says something wrong :) 

* Things with Bethie are going really well - but we could use prayer for patience with our other kiddos. Bethie is pretty consuming (she pretty much wants me to hold her 24/7) and this leads to both Walker and I being at our emotional/physical/mental parenting limits. Plus we're just exhausted and jetlagged. Please pray we will show grace to the other four who are having to deal with a big transition. Especially when they take eggs and crack them all over the sidewalk and porch. You know. Times like that.  

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  1. I'm taking a break from FB for lent, and so I've been so curious how it's going for you guys! Thanks so much for this! I can't speak for anyone but our family, and it sounds really similar! 22 month old home last summer and iy was the best/worst summer of my life. Congrats on your beautiful girl and prayers to make it through each day!



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