Thursday, February 28, 2013

The prayers of righteous women availeth much

Just want to say, thank you SO much for praying!

Today was such a good day. When we woke up, Walker let me stay in bed and took her out with him while the other kids got ready for school. She wasn't thrilled about it, but she survived. And a little bit later, she rewarded him with a giggle and a smile when he was silly with her doll! And she is not flinching when he hugs her - major steps forward!

When you bring home an adopted child the experts say to "cocoon" - to limit visitors to the house besides family (and meal-dropper-offers, oh how I love thee) and try not to leave. We've been doing that. I literally have not changed out of my pj's, unless you count yoga pants, since we got home. And I think that was contributing in part to the insanity. I'm an extrovert, and while it has been nice to be "lazy" at home, in reality I get depressed when I don't get out. Maybe Bethie is the same way.

I am blessed with so many friends who have adopted, at church or online. One who has had great advice named Jessica told me the other day, "You've GOT to get out of the house or you will go insane. Just go to Target or SOMETHING." I took her advice.

Today I got us both up and dressed - I even put on makeup, y'all - and we went on our first outing to one of my favorite places on Earth - Costco.

Bethie had to get fabulous in order to go.

Do you like her fierce supermodel pout?

Because she is MY GIRL, Bethie LOVED Costco. I had her in the Ergo but she wiggled out before we were in the store for five minutes. Priss power walked up and down every aisle with a look of pure glee on her face, and I am not exaggerating that every single person stopped and smiled at her. She was so adorable!

Once we came back we took a good nap and then was in a great mood for the rest of the day. No hitting today, except once at Ike, who totally deserved it (they are already fighting like pro brothers and sisters.)

If you have a toddler you know exactly where I was sitting when I took this picture.

I'm constantly stunned at your sweet comments, prayers, and love. Seriously stunned. I am so blessed to have not only friends but so many 'strangers' storming the gates of Heaven for us. Thank you is such a small word, but from the bottom of my heart, thank you.



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