Thursday, March 14, 2013

OUCH, Church

A friend just said me:

"Lately I've spoken to several gay couples that have adopted and it makes me sad to feel like there is less adoption in my church community than there is in their community."

Which reminds me of the quote I heard several years ago at the Together for Adoption conference (I'm trying to track down who said it):

"If God is father to the fatherless, and the Church is the Bride of Christ, and we are not caring for the orphan, then we are making God out to be a deadbeat dad."


  1. Truth! My heart aches at the complacency of the American Church. And like I posted yesterday, we are on the fast track to becoming "itchy"...2 Tim 4:3
    I say all the time that if others knew what I know, if they knew the "secret"...that my sons {Thai and Chinese} have shown me more of the Gospel than anything else in my life...they would start the process of changing an orphan into a beloved son or daughter tomorrow!

  2. I think the same philosophy could apply to foster care. We've been praying that God will make a way for us to become foster parents, and possibly adoptive.

  3. Being gay, I take this comment offensively. Is the gay community not good enough to adopt these children? Are these children better without a home? Next time, watch your wording. I know that you may not have meant for this to sound offensive, but it comes across that way. Try "it is sad that Christians are adopting less, while they are the ones against abortion and "fighting" for hopeless children. Being that the gay community has increased their adoptions, I think that the church should too". Either way, Bethie is adorable

    1. Lovely, you're reading stuff into this that just ain't there. Please don't take offense when there is none. There is plenty of true offense out there for you to tackle :)

      Homosexuals are not biblically mandated to care for the orphan. Christians are.

      If homosexuals (or any other group, but my friend was speaking specifically of her gay friends) are kicking Christian's butts when it comes to doing something - anything - biblically mandated (and they are in many areas, for instance I just heard someone talk about how much better the gay community typically is re hospitality than the Christian community, and hospitality is another biblical mandate) then as Christians, we got some soul searching to do.

      That's what she & I meant.

      And being that so many Christians do love to get all riled up re homosexuality but ignore the orphans under their noses (ahem) it's a thought provoking quote.

      And I'm with you - a loving home is a loving home is a loving home.

    2. Mhmmm, but what if the gay couple ARE Christian...
      Just a thought to ponder.

  4. Do you read Linny at A Place Called Simplicity? (If not, I think it would be an encouraging read!). Anyway, she wrote a series awhile back about God is Not a Deadbeat Dad. It was great!

  5. I have no problem with your sentiment at all. I think I've heard somewhere that if every church body in America could find one couple in their congregation to adopt a child out of the welfare system (and support them!) there would be no more children awaiting adoption in the US. Think of that, only ONE child per church. We are falling down on the job.

    My only issue here is with the comparison... I wonder because I hear so many stories about gay couples actively seeking surrogates and/or having to adopt because one spouse's name can't be on the birth certificate. So before you say that they are simply adopting because they care (which I'm sure they do) think about the fact that if they want to have children at all many times it must be through adoption, ie two guys can't have a biological child. So it kind of feels like this is an apples to oranges comparison.

  6. on a shallow note.. my first thought was that i love her little outfit. i am guessing mis-tee-v-us is to thank... regardless, she's adorable!

  7. I was at that conference in Austin back in 2010. I believe the speaker that you remember is Robert Gelinas. He gave almost the same talk again recently at the Refresh Conference- the video of it can be seen at



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