Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Up from the grave

When we were teenagers and would sleep till the midday and finally emerge my mother would always bust out with "Up from the grave he arooooooose..."

If you were not raised Southern Baptist and are therefore unable to fully appreciate this, here ya go.

Just in time for Easter.
You're welcome.

I kind of feel like I am 15 years old and stumbling into my mom's kitchen at 2pm. We've been home almost three weeks and I am mostly a-rosen. Hallelujah, Missy (sorta) arose. 

How are we? In short, we are well. Really, really well.

But I haven't had the energy to do a blog post in a while. If y'all have been following the blog facebook page, then you've been getting lots of quick updates and pictures of Bethie. But this blog has seemed unattainable. Yet I feel really bad about that because y'all have prayed this little chicken into my nest and I want so much to update you on how she is doing!

Bethie will only fall asleep on me and by on me I mean on me so I have time to lie and ponder and tonight, I had an epiphany (that's what happens when you sorta arose.) I don't have the time/energy/mental capacity for long blog posts right now (why didn't one of y'all remind me how EXHAUSTING two year olds are?) and that's just the way that it is. But I can blog short little snippets on my iPhone just as easily as I can facebook short little snippets on my iPhone and then they will recorded for perpetuity.

So I am going to backtrack and re-post all my facebook updates of the past couple of weeks. If you are a facebook follower, this will be very redundant. If you aren't, you're about to get slammed with backdated posts. Short posts. Then when I feel the energy to post a long one, I will sneak it in there.

Sound good?

Here is the first one. 


  1. Yes, please! I'm not a Facebook user so this will be great :) So glad to hear it's going well....praise the Lord!

  2. So has your tempo been has back-and-forth as the original He Aroooose song?! LOL (slow-fast-slow-fast. . . .)

  3. We used to sing that hymn at my Church of England junior school. I'll be looking forward to a few updates as a non-facebooker :-) Glad you're all ok.


  4. Hee, hee, Hallelujah Missy arose! :) No worries, girl, you'll get your rhythm back--Bethie is priority right now. We do enjoy your quick fb updates though.

  5. Hang in there, cyber-friend. The first three weeks are the hardest, and just like with a newborn, it gets much better! Run your race! Praying for you today.

  6. Or, if you're like myself, you believed the song was actually "Up from the gravy He rooooooose..." until I was in high school.
    You can tell my holidays revolved around food, eh?




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