Friday, May 24, 2013



Shep: Mom, was I circosated when I was a baby?
Me: {Blank look}
Shep: You know, my nuts cut and stuff.
Me: {awkward pause, wondering how on earth this would have come into conversation among third graders} {breathing a sigh of relief}
Me: Oh, you've been reading your Bible, huh?
Shep: Yes! Moses was circosated when he was NINETY!
Me: Yeah. You were one day old. Better.
Shep: Way better.


  1. that's too funny.

  2. Ha ha. Too cute. Wendy thought divorced was "devoted, " and she said her friend's parents were devoted and I said, "aww. That's great."

  3. Hmmm, you know...I guess we don't tell our boys what happened to them so they will know. Isn't that supposed to be a dad thing? Who knows.



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