Saturday, August 10, 2013


Gratuitous Bethie photo

I used to follow lots of adoption blogs. I'd ride with them thru the nightmarish roller coaster adoption process, delight with them when they got their referral, take note of their what-to-pack posts, cry when they got their kid in their arms, rejoice and share on facebook when the child was finally HOME, and keep checking in to see how the family was transitioning.

One thing I always noticed, is that after they got back home, those moms had the NERVE to just QUIT POSTING!!! Wha?

I followed you for years, I bought your tshirt, I faithfully retweeted you every step along the way, and now you've just FADED INTO CYBERSPACE?

WHAT ABOUT ME? I want cute pictures! And videos! And cute funny sayings! And outfits, what about ALL THE CUTE OUTFITS?!?!?

All this to say,

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry both the the moms that I judged and to you, sweet faithful praying t-shirt buying re-tweeting facebook-sharing wonderful readers.

I get it now. The non-blogging. I get it.

First there's the jetlag, which lasts, for, like, ever. Then the transition. The mental exhaustion. The physical exhaustion. The newborn haze, except, the newborn weighs 25lbs, likes to fish in the toilet, and is a much pickier eater.

Then life hits, like, in our case, you buy a new house  with a new pool that is green half the time and you move and get sued by the people you bought it from and then Summer Happens where the kids are home all the time and hijacking your computer in between whining about how bored they are and asking to buy new apps on the mini iPads your mom bought for them and screaming bloody murder that their sibling bombed the Minecraft mansion they worked so hard on with the media room, the dungeon and the reflection pond populated by chickens and zombies.

Just. Too. Much.

Lately, tho, something started happening that hasn't happened in months: I started brain blogging. Ie, composing posts while I did the dishes or drove to VBS.

Did any of y'all get those posts that I sent you telepathically? No? Too bad, cause some of them were really good.

I also had a problem of not blogging for so long, that I thought, well, I better come up with something GOOD. Had to remind myself that there is beauty in vapidity. Well, if not beauty, then at least a nice diversion when you get in the grocery store line without the good magazines.

All this to say, I think I'm back.

Missed y'all.

So tell me. What's been going on with YOU?


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