Monday, August 26, 2013

Whassup August

Yes, I'm saying Whassup to be ironic. 

This blog brought to you by:


1st grader, 2nd grader, 3rd grader, 4th grader. And baby sister.

Around the glorious interwebs:

How do we help Miley? from Annie Downs. Oh, Miley, Miley, Miley.  Y'all, I did SO MANY STUPID THINGS when I was twenty. Thank God I did not have a camera on me at the time. 

Do y'all read The Nester? If not, this is a great time to start because she just bought a farmhouse in desperate need of some love. And we get to watch her BEAUTIFY IT. I am ridiculously excited.

Kristen's series What I Want You To Know is always interesting, to say the least. The post last week by an ambivalent foster parent will make you dizzy.

I Corinthians 13 for Moms: some wisdom here. Reminds me of my I Corinthians 13 for My Children I did a while back.

Why I Called Out Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer: the prosperity 'gospel' gives me hives, y'all. Big welts of angry. 

What I'm Reading:

You can go to Goodreads and find out. Y'all, I'm sorta addicted to Goodreads. It's the only social media that I actually enjoy getting emails from because I love seeing what my friends are reading! You also may or may not see that I may or may not be reading a book about strippers.

Also, this. I read some of this out loud to Walker on our road trip to Houston. Well, I tried. It was hard because I kept ugly-crying. I, um, related. Maybe because Don and I are from the same neck of the woods ? (Southeast Houston shout-out)

Favorite book I read recently:

What I'm Watching:
How Bethie's Life Was Saved by Gus Fring

Breaking Bad is back and listen to this, y'all!!! Shep went to drama camp a couple of weeks ago. The last day was the final performance (he was Nick Bottom in a couple of scenes from A Midsummer Night's Dream.) There was a dad there and I kept staring at him, thinking, he looks so much like Gus from Breaking Bad. So much! Wow, I bet he gets that all the time! It's so uncanny!

Obviously, I am not used to living in Austin, aka, mini-Hollywood.

So after the play, as he is opening the door for us and making sure Bethie does not run into the parking lot (hence the hyperbole above), I say to him, "You look so much like the guy from Breaking Bad" to which, y'all knew it, he said, "That's cause I am the guy from Breaking Bad." WOW!!! Giancarlo Esposito!! He's in Austin filming the TV show Revolution, which I have not watched.  So then I said, awkwardly, "Ah! Sorry you died!" He just waved. And then he sold me some meth.

Also, Project Runway. As pathetic as the product placements are, we (yes, Walker watches it too) are still loyal to our dear ProjRun. And equally loyal to the hilarious recaps on Tom and Lorenzo, which I enjoy as much as the show. "Sustainicorn" - I die. And did y'all know that Tim Gunn plays the Baileywick the butler on Sophia the First, a cute new Disney Junior cartoon? His voice cracks me up. I wish Tim Gunn were my butler.

Also, "Oprah: Where Are They Now."  I have loved seeing her catch up with some guests. Yesterday I watched one where she caught up with all the Brady Bunch - y'all. I grew up watching every Brady Bunch at least 36 times each. Here is what I learned: the way contracts were written, actors only got residuals on reruns for the first ten runs. Which means none of the BB actors have made a dime off the show since about 1974. I am still reeling from the injustice of this.

At this very moment, I'm watching Yo Gabba Gabba. Which in addition to being very creepy, displays a collection of the very worst song lyrics in the history of children's programming.  But it keeps my two year old engaged for twenty minutes, so DJ Lance Rock is my friend.

Funny YouTube:

What I'd Like to Blog About Soon:
Our new house, our new house lawsuit drama, and angels. Any other suggestions?

Personal Tragedy:
Bethie has started climbing out of her crib.

Okay, off to clean my house before the kids come home BECAUSE THEY ARE AT SCHOOL THANK YOU JESUS HALLELUJAH AMEN

What are y'all reading/watching/cleaning?


  1. Yea for school! And, totally cool mini-Hollywood moment! :)

  2. So glad to have you backish!

  3. I'm just happy to be able to mop my floors and have them stay shiny for 6 consecutive hours!

    1. I'm excited to clean out my pantry and not walk in 10 minutes later and find smushed pretzels all over the floor.

  4. Soooo um yeah, this is awesome lol. I have basically kept watching Project Runway because of T&L!! I have watched the show since the first season but have not loved it since they switched from Bravo to Lifetime. And breaking Bad is just awesomeness. My husband and I forgot to DVR last season and now that it's on Netflix we need to catch up. We are currently DVRing this season so we have it to watch when we're caught up lol. I adore your blog. An oh mama, I feel for you on Bethie climbing out of the crib. I wish you luck! :)

  5. That's a pretty fun story! We aren't yet to the part in BB where Gus "gets it" but I figured it had to eventually happen.

    1. aw man, I hate to spoil!! When you do watch it, notice the title. That's all.

  6. Re: Crib. I'll light a candle for you. Lily getting out of a crib might have been the worst thing that happened (in our house) in 2012.

  7. Thank you for the links. I appreciate your reformed position, by the way. We have never had any interest in watching Breaking Bad but it is exciting to see a celebrity in an unexpected place.

  8. Woo hoo! One more week for us! I'm going old school fiction and reading The Oath by Frank Peretti. Good stuff. Next on the list is Quiet by Susan Cain, 'cause introversion resonates with me. :)

    1. I want to read Quiet too! Not an introvert (at ALL) but momma to two!

  9. Missy, I would love to know your thoughts on the ambivalent foster mom....I'm not quite sure what to think, to be honest with you. And (please imagine me standing up and applauding) thank you for posting the link calling out the false teachers and dangerous "gospel" that is becoming the norm and so accepted among people that should not be accepting it. Struggling with this with a family member right now and just don't know how to address it the right way.

    1. I honestly can't decide. She might be horrendous, or she might surprise everyone, including herself, and be great - problem is, it's a KID we're gambling with, not a poodle.

      I posted this on my personal facebook wall and my friends who are foster moms were having conniptions, it made them so upset, so we should probably defer to them.

    2. Yeah, that's pretty much what I was thinking, after picking my jaw off of the ground. It's not too hard to imagine them having a conniption. The thing about being able to just make a call and end it made me feel sick.

    3. Being a foster mom, it make me feel sick to my stomach that this woman had that attitude. I understand where she's coming from with not feeling the urge to be a parent but if that's the case, foster puppies, not actual children.

      Every single foster child that has come in to our home has struggled with feeling unwanted and unloved regardless of the circumstances that brought them to us. We have fought an uphill battle convincing each of them that they ARE wanted and loved by us and that we find worth in them as they are. Being a foster parent isn't a compromise you make with your spouse when you don't want to be a parent. Like Jen Hatmaker said (I'm paraphrasing), it's not enough to be into adoption to adopt - you have to be in to hardcore, heart wrecking, life destroying parenting because it will turn your world upside down.

      If that woman thinks for an instant that those kids won't know she thinks of them as someone she can get rid of at a moment's notice, she's crazy. Being self aware enough to know that you don't want to parent should mean that you're capable of saying "This is not a lifestyle choice that will go well for me." That gamble is just too big when she's already got her mind made up about how to get out.

    4. I was thinking it is like adoption, like if we were giving Bethie a 'trial run' and if it didn't work out, we could 'end it all with one phone call' (and we could, it's called a disruption, a possibility that is not afforded to biological parents).

      But no, it is different. If we don't end up adopting from Ethiopia again then we will most likely foster. And if we get a child who is not working out with our family, then we will have them placed somewhere else. And I've known foster parents who have had children since they were born, but had no desire to ever adopt them (I don't think I could do that...but I've learned not to judge situations like that till I'm in it.)

      I think the difference tho, is, if it didn't work out, it would be for different reasons (eg the child was a threat to our other children) than just "I decided parenting just isn't my bag". But is that really different? Really? Or just different reasons, same result?

      See, this why I said read this post. It makes your head spin.

    5. It's still spinning the next day!

    6. Kait- you said that so well. And you are so right on with how it's not a compromise with your spouse.

      I very desperately wanted (still want) to foster/foster to adopt and my husband could just not get on board with it. After a couple of years of daily prayer, almost daily conversations after our first two were born (but the desire was planted in me at about 12/13 years old, long story short- as a child I would dream of someone taking us out of our home, for someone to notice us and to stop all of the abuse) my husband finally "caved" and we started the process of the information meetings- he was miserable. He could not do it, he didn't have peace about it at all and we did not go through with it...imagining if he would have just tried to go along with it to make me happy..any child that came into our home would know that he felt that way. Even though he would have been kind he wouldn't have had his heart invested in it and how horrible that would be- oh, my stars.

      Now of course, I still pray that if it's God's will it will be done when the time is right and his heart is ready and thankfully he didn't go into it without truly wanting it and taking a chance on further wounding a broken heart.

    7. Missy, I think that's the difference though. When you go in to adoption/fostering with the mentality of "Eh, it's no big deal, I can bail whenever I want" you're not going to give it your all. We've adopted twice domestically and twice from Uganda. All four times we have had every.single.roadblock imaginable (and some that were unimaginable, like an orphanage director threatening to sell our son to someone as a house boy because she was mad that we were questioning his paperwork) and it would have been SO easy to walk away. Then when we got our kids home the REAL hard stuff started. How easy would it be for me to say "Forget this noise. I've got better things to do." and make that phone call to end it?

      But I don't. Because they are my children and I love them. I am dedicated to riding these storms out, as is my husband, because sending them away is not an option. Even if they were hurting each other or other people, we would seek help for them (to the extent of another family if necessary) but we would never go "This is too hard, I'm out."

      That's where the writer of that sounded like she was coming from. She gave the impression that if, at any point, she felt like it was too much FOR HER, she would just send them away. So what is too much? My two year old foster daughter who would sob for hours every night and couldn't be comforted? My seven year old foster son who would scream and hit and behave like a toddler when he didn't get his way? Those felt like too much and we had to have a lot of discussions with our kids about how they felt about continuing the placements but ultimately, we carried on and things improved for those kids.

      My *impression* is that the writer will be looking for any excuse to bail on foster parenting because she's really not interested. That? Is not okay even a little bit. Being realistic about what you and your family can cope with is one thing but she's admitting that she's doing this for her spouse and she isn't interested in parenting. That's a completely different situation.

    8. Kait that's such a good response, you should copy and paste it on the post.

  10. I'll have to go back and reread it, kind of rushing through trying to keep the baby happy and homework and all of that with the big kids!

  11. Sweet back to school picture...I've mentioned my own 'Maggie' here before...she's teaching third grade this year, her first official classroom : ) I felt the need to remind her about how she cut her hair during math in the first grade, and a few other antics...she may get one or two like her very own self in her classroom this year.

    Enjoy all your littles and not so littles this year!

  12. anytime I see anything related to ProRun, I always remember "Fierce!" But that was a couple seasons ago...

    1. Girl, you're thinking if America's Next Top Model. Don't confuse your vapid reality shows now!

  13. Thank you Missy! Love your blog and this post, particularly the "big welts of angry". Thanks for the link on "pastor" Joel Osteen. Calls himself more of a motivational speaker than a theologian. He should be speaking from behind a podium and not a pulpit!!!! Too many people looking for an answer and they aren't going to find it listening to him. There are a million articles and you tubes on this; came across this one today and it was good as well. This Larry King Live interview in its entirety makes my blood boil.



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