Monday, August 26, 2013

Whassup August

Yes, I'm saying Whassup to be ironic. 

This blog brought to you by:


1st grader, 2nd grader, 3rd grader, 4th grader. And baby sister.

Around the glorious interwebs:

How do we help Miley? from Annie Downs. Oh, Miley, Miley, Miley.  Y'all, I did SO MANY STUPID THINGS when I was twenty. Thank God I did not have a camera on me at the time. 

Do y'all read The Nester? If not, this is a great time to start because she just bought a farmhouse in desperate need of some love. And we get to watch her BEAUTIFY IT. I am ridiculously excited.

Kristen's series What I Want You To Know is always interesting, to say the least. The post last week by an ambivalent foster parent will make you dizzy.

I Corinthians 13 for Moms: some wisdom here. Reminds me of my I Corinthians 13 for My Children I did a while back.

Why I Called Out Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer: the prosperity 'gospel' gives me hives, y'all. Big welts of angry. 

What I'm Reading:

You can go to Goodreads and find out. Y'all, I'm sorta addicted to Goodreads. It's the only social media that I actually enjoy getting emails from because I love seeing what my friends are reading! You also may or may not see that I may or may not be reading a book about strippers.

Also, this. I read some of this out loud to Walker on our road trip to Houston. Well, I tried. It was hard because I kept ugly-crying. I, um, related. Maybe because Don and I are from the same neck of the woods ? (Southeast Houston shout-out)

Favorite book I read recently:

What I'm Watching:
How Bethie's Life Was Saved by Gus Fring

Breaking Bad is back and listen to this, y'all!!! Shep went to drama camp a couple of weeks ago. The last day was the final performance (he was Nick Bottom in a couple of scenes from A Midsummer Night's Dream.) There was a dad there and I kept staring at him, thinking, he looks so much like Gus from Breaking Bad. So much! Wow, I bet he gets that all the time! It's so uncanny!

Obviously, I am not used to living in Austin, aka, mini-Hollywood.

So after the play, as he is opening the door for us and making sure Bethie does not run into the parking lot (hence the hyperbole above), I say to him, "You look so much like the guy from Breaking Bad" to which, y'all knew it, he said, "That's cause I am the guy from Breaking Bad." WOW!!! Giancarlo Esposito!! He's in Austin filming the TV show Revolution, which I have not watched.  So then I said, awkwardly, "Ah! Sorry you died!" He just waved. And then he sold me some meth.

Also, Project Runway. As pathetic as the product placements are, we (yes, Walker watches it too) are still loyal to our dear ProjRun. And equally loyal to the hilarious recaps on Tom and Lorenzo, which I enjoy as much as the show. "Sustainicorn" - I die. And did y'all know that Tim Gunn plays the Baileywick the butler on Sophia the First, a cute new Disney Junior cartoon? His voice cracks me up. I wish Tim Gunn were my butler.

Also, "Oprah: Where Are They Now."  I have loved seeing her catch up with some guests. Yesterday I watched one where she caught up with all the Brady Bunch - y'all. I grew up watching every Brady Bunch at least 36 times each. Here is what I learned: the way contracts were written, actors only got residuals on reruns for the first ten runs. Which means none of the BB actors have made a dime off the show since about 1974. I am still reeling from the injustice of this.

At this very moment, I'm watching Yo Gabba Gabba. Which in addition to being very creepy, displays a collection of the very worst song lyrics in the history of children's programming.  But it keeps my two year old engaged for twenty minutes, so DJ Lance Rock is my friend.

Funny YouTube:

What I'd Like to Blog About Soon:
Our new house, our new house lawsuit drama, and angels. Any other suggestions?

Personal Tragedy:
Bethie has started climbing out of her crib.

Okay, off to clean my house before the kids come home BECAUSE THEY ARE AT SCHOOL THANK YOU JESUS HALLELUJAH AMEN

What are y'all reading/watching/cleaning?


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