Our Adoption Timeline

Approximate funds needed: $28,000

Amount the Lord has provided as of August 28, 2010:  $11,575.00
As of March 28, 2011: approximately $21,000.00
As of November 2012: We are completely funded

Why does it cost so much to adopt from Ethiopia? Click here.

Anticipated time: as of August 2010, there was an average wait time of 9 months for a referral. The average time from referral to first travel for court: 8 weeks. Then 8 more weeks to Gotcha Day. We expected to bring her home around September of 2011.

August 22: attended info meeting with Gladney
Sept 24: mailed initial application
Oct. 2: phone orientation with Judy Hayes
Oct. 6: mailed application and application fee ($250) to Gladney
~ waiting for God to provide funds to proceed ~

January 1: received bonus and refund of paycut, which was exactly the amount we needed. Yea God!
January 4: mailed Gladney check for $4,250.00
January 5: fretted over hiring Kate Sawyer to help with dossier. Finally decided to do it. Realized amount earned from Smockaholics was exactly the amount required ($275). Yea God!
January 6: Missy's medical exam
January 18: Walker's medical exam (significantly more invasive than Missy's, which Missy considers a small payback for four childbirths)
January: Decide to adopt a baby girl

February 8: Missy fingerprinted for FBI, thinking it would feel very Sydney Bristow, instead felt like a femme fatale on Law & Order. Surely the giddiest person to ever be fingerprinted at the Harris County Courthouse
February 12: Pick up forms from doctor - discover doctor did not follow clearly stated directions and run off report on letterhead. Return to doctor and have them stamped instead and hope that works.
February 14: Homestudy!
February 16: spilt water on un-letterheaded doctor forms!! DOH!!
February 17: mailed packet of dossier papers to Kate Sawyer, including unletterheaded, waterstained doctor forms
~ waiting for God to provide funds to proceed ~
February 16: Walker fingerprinted for FBI. Takes Shepherd with him for what will hopefully be the first and last time he sees his daddy being fingerprinted by a cop
February 17: received tax refund :) Yea God!
February 17: sent off FBI fingerprints and gasp at the $60 required to have them overnighted there and back
February 17: mailed off I-600A ($760)

March 3: mailed last of application to Gladney (minus references, floor plan sketch and children's health reports)
March 3: received paperwork back from Homeland Security because I didn't have Walker sign a page - DRAT.
March 4: REmailed paperwork to DHS
March 6: fundraiser garage sale hosted by the Fatherees - raised almost $1200! Yippee!!

March: Ethiopia changes law requiring us to visit twice now. Bittersweet. Also will require about $5000 more in funds for the extra trip.
March 10: Launch tshirts

April: waiting on UCIS, waiting on the FBI, waiting on our passports, waiting....waiting....waiting....
April 9: mailed in the kids' medical reports, which will complete our homestudy requirements
April 21: Received email saying we are GLADNEY APPROVED! YIPPEE! Email also said "Please remit payment for any remaining Gladney program and post placement fees ($3900) within the next 30 days." Yikes.
April 30: Conference call with Sara regarding service plan. Realize that it will probably be Fall 2011 before Bethie comes home. Sad.

May 7: A friend gives us a generous donation, which brings the amount God provides to $4400.
May 10: Walker receives his passport back, still waiting on mine
May 14: FINALLY receive letter from UCIS saying we can come get fingerprinted

I woulda cried but I was too distracted by the shiny digital fingerprint machine.

We then celebrated at over Ethiopian food at Cafe Nazareth.

May 25: Receive a letter from the passport guys that states I didn't send in the second page of my marriage license with the filing date, resend DANGIT

June: mailing off last bits of dossier paperwork, waiting for UCIS approval so that dossier can be complete
June 19: FINALLY get my passport
June 19: Another garage sale, raise $900. Another friend gives us $500. GOD CONTINUES TO PROVIDE

July 1: call to check on status of I-600A - discover that Houston had done NOTHING in six weeks!!
July 21: our friends, Buzz and the Blue Cats, host a benefit for us that raises approximately $1000!!

August 10: after many prayers, tears, and phone calls to UCIS, our I-600A is FINALLY approved!!
August 13: receive UCIS paperwork in the mail!!

 I'm trying not to cry here! I worked HARD to get that paper!!

August 14: Notarize final papers and mail to Kate Sawyer
Attend a meeting for Houston Orphan Alliance 

August 19: WE'RE ON THE WAITLIST!! Current average wait time to referral is 8 months

October 7: Find out we received a $4000 matching grant from Lifesong for Orphans and Kingsland Baptist Church!
October 26: Ethiopia changes law, only one court date required for adoption now.
October 26: Find out that all the immunizations we need will be 100% covered by insurance! Whoo hoo! This lowers our final cost by $2000!
October 28: Gladney wait time up to 9 months

November 18: Speculating that, based on current times, it will probably be a year before our baby is home. Sniff.

December: Our $4000 matching grant has already been matched, which means $8000 has been given to us. We're speechless.

December: Ethiopian Government (MOWA) investigates a Gladney case and puts a halt to any other cases going to court. Gladney suspends referrals until the case is cleared up, expected to be three weeks.


January: Still no conclusion, no court dates, no referrals

February: Still no conclusion, no court dates, no referrals. I tearfully realize that we will probably not have our baby home in 2011

March 2: Ethiopia announces it intends to reduce international adoptions by 90%. Rumors fly. Adoption communities completely freak out.
March 23: Head of MOWA removed; MOWA begins processing at an equal or faster rate than before
March 28: Investigation regarding Gladney is concluded!!! Yippee!!

We wait. And wait. And wait. 


The wait continues to lengthen and lengthen with no end in sight.

June: We decide to change our age to a girl ages 2-5

July: Move from Houston to Austin

August: Re-do our homestudy and make the age change

September 28, 2012: REFERRAL!!!!! for a 22 month old little girl!!

October 1: Request our matching grant money from Lifesong and are shocked to discover that over $11,000 has been donated. We are completely funded. 

October 10: courts reopen from rainy season closure
October 19: receive word that we have been submitted to court
October 23: we are informed that the courts are requiring a new medical form and our case will not be submitted until it is turned in; don't know how long it will take

November 2: Medical form has been submitted
November 6: Receive our court date for November 30!!

November 26: meet our daughter for the first time!

November 30: We pass court! She's officially ours!

December 18: we get fingerprinted again for UCIS
December 26: Bethie's birth certificate and MOWA letter are complete


January 3 - Bethie's passport is complete
January 7: 171 arrives in the mail


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