Tuesday, July 22, 2008

WFMW Hair-nice Holder

How to make a hair bow holder

I have mentioned that I am a little obsessed with "hair nices", as they are called in this house. The problem is that hair nices take up a lot of space. For a loooong time I have seen hairbow holders for sale and thought, "Puhlease. I could make that for half the money."

And, along with most all things that get the "Puhlease..." remark, many moons have passed, kimosabe, many moons.

Last week someone - not naming any names, but you could probably make an educated guess - left the water running in the upstairs bathroom, and the drawers where the hair-nices are kept were flooded out (and the carpet and the light fixture below it, which is one reason why Mr. Wes graced us this week.)

Anyway, this was my impetus to get crackin on the bow holder.

It came out pretty gosh darn cute, if I do say so.

If you would like to make one, here's The Way.

You will need:
- a board or canvas
- crib batting (if using a board)
- fabric
- ribbon (ribbon by the roll is on sale for half off this week at the HL)
- staple gun
- picture hangers

We had our kitchen remodeled last year and have had some cabinet doors hanging around the garage, so I chose one because it was the exact size and I wanted it to be sturdy, as it is going to receive a lot of handling by less-than-gentle little hands.

However, when I was at Hobby Lobby, I noticed they had some 16x20 artist canvases that would work perfectly.


I suggest skipping the flooding-the-bathroom step.

Get thee to Hobby Lobby, which, by the way, is probably my third favorite store after Tar-jay and Costco. Take your board with you or pick up a canvas first.

In the fabric section, you have to make a crucial decision. Do you want to use a solid color background and get lots of different fun ribbons, or do you want to use a patterned background and one simpler ribbon?

It's tough one, huh? I know, I know. Fortunately I didn't have to spend hours debating this because I didn't see any patterned fabric I loved, so I went with a plain pale pink calico. After that, I had a good time picking out the ribbon to use. I chose 11 different kinds of ribbon and laid them out on my door, so that I could tell how much I needed of each. This was the best part, because I heart lace and ribbon! (gee, wonder why my girls are so girly.)

Then I spent a lot of time looking at pretty things for my house and imagining all the ways I could get crafty in my fantasy land of The Place Where There Is Time To Get Crafty More Than Once a Year and trying to restrain myself from doing the handmotions to Lord I Lift Your Name on High that was playing over the loudspeakers and then I went home.

Once home, I laid out all my purchases and got busy on Crafty Time 2008.

Since I used wood, I first stapled crib batting on the front. (Try and do it a little straighter than I did.) If you use the canvas, I imagine you could skip this step.

Next wrap the board like a present with the fabric, and staple gun it on.

Lay out your ribbons and scotch tape them to the board, and staple them in the back.

After I hung it, I thought it might have been nice to use ribbon around the edges too, since it doesn't look that pretty from the side.

On the back, nail whatever you want to use to hang it. Personally I like the wire because it gives me a lot more grace when I am trying to hang it.

Hang it up.

I added a ribbon to the top and a bow, which is just tacked to the wall.

Add hair-nices.


Later I might add some little hooks for the plethora of ponytail holders and headbands we still have in the drawers

so that might be something for you to think about. Maybe cup hooks?

There you have it.
This little project cost me about $15 and took one Design Star and half a Next Food Network Star to complete, in other words, about an hour and a half of high quality reality TV.

Pop over to Rocks in my Dryer for more Works for Me Wednesday.

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  1. oh that is very sweet! i'm impressed - i couldn't even think of such a thing, much less execute it.

    i am SO glad I have boys. i would be such a bad girl momma.

  2. my favorite part of this post...doing the hand motions to Lord, I lift your name on high in the Hobby Lobby. Sometimes you just have to worship.

  3. Oh, yes, the mom of girls has to have something like this. If I wasn't so tired, I'd send you a picture of the current state of our "bow drawer". I'd love to do this little project, and if I can ever get my 6 year old back to wearing anything in her hair again, I just may do it! Unfortunately, bows are a thing of the past for my almost 12 year old. That's been a sad thing....there should be some sort of ceremony to commemorate the wearing of the last bow.

    And that flooding the bathroom sink and running the water downstairs into the light fixture? A girl thing. Done here, too--2 years ago.

    Loved the post. A great reminder for me, too, especially as I continue to have the same struggles with one of my own.

  4. How pretty that turned out! I am jealous of your HL proximity...alas, the closest one to me is 5 hours away!

  5. I JUST sorted through our bows and hair ties and headbands and oh, you have girls. You know how much stuff there is! I LOVE the board! I currently have two ribbons hanging behind the bathroom door that hold bows, but we are out of room and I can't stop buying bows. I will definitely be making one of these!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. What a GREAT idea Missy! It came out really cute, and I hafta tell you, seeing ric-rac made me draw in a breath and clutch my chest, because I lurve it so. I may make one of these for the sole purpose of playing with ric-rac! :)

    Oh, and the cabinet door? Very clever.

    Good luck with the rest of your nices. (Cute word) :)

    ...been thinking about you lately. Missin' you. How are you sweet friend?

  8. What a cute idea. I may make one of these myself.

  9. Nice JOB!
    Because a girl can never have too many hairbows! I mean hair-nices!

  10. Wow I need to make one of these. Guess Ill need to stop by the hobby store today.

    My new obsession is http://www.butterfliesandlollipops.com/
    I spotted them on craigslist offering a 10% discount. I think the code is TAKE10

  11. LOVE it! My sister is having twin girls so I have a feeling we are going to have a lot of hair nices entering our life.

  12. Don't you love HL!

    This project turned out really good...although I was distracted the whole time as I caught glimpses of your area rug...I have the same exact one.

    I know...I'm wierd.

  13. Well, isn't that just the cutest. I had no idea you were so crafty.

  14. Very cute. We use a wooden hanger that's painted purple and has ribbons hanging off of it.

  15. Hey that's a great idea! We have TONS of bows. It's embarrassing, really. But I won't give them up. I used to clip them on a really loooooong piece of grosgrain. Right now they're in a rubbermaid bin.

    I might just have to put 'em back on display! :)

  16. Love it Love it LOVE it!!

    (Except the flooding water part. But see, you turned a very icky situation into inspiration for us all!!)

    And I think I have a piece of canvas around here somewhere from a time I was inspired to make one of those criss-cross bulletin board thingies. It never happened.

    But the good news is that now I think I have all the supplies to make something even better... my own (I mean, my daughter's own) hair nices thing! Super cute!!

    You rock, momma!

    Now, when will it be naptime so I can get started???

  17. That is too cute! I'm not that crafty but my stepmum is, so I might see if she can make me one for the girl :P

  18. Beautiful! You did an awesome job! I had the same problem at my house a couple years ago. (They are called Hair-Dillies at my house...not sure how that got started!)

    I was less crafty! I found a cute and girly bulletin board at Target that was padded and covered in fabric and had ribbons criss-crossing over it. You might also use it to tuck notes or pictures into...but we clip our hair-dillies right on it and even a couple of small pictures.

    I've been thinking about looking around for a bigger one because my girls hair-dillies get bigger as they do and they have SO MANY! (Gymboree...give me a break! Quit making so many things that are so stinkin' cute (on clearnace!)!)

    ;) Trace

  19. You have inspired me to try this project. I went to HL today where I spent over an hour trying to decide between fabrics and ribbons. You would think my life depended on it! Anyway, we'll see how it goes assuming I actually get an opportunity to put it together. BTW, I bought a plastic case with compartments (was in the bead department) to hold all of our rubber bands. Not cute, but will cut down on the hunt in the drawer. The OCD side of me is going to sort by color and season.

  20. I'm new around here....
    but I feel compelled to tell You: THAT IS SO CUTE!



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