Friday, January 1, 2010

O Come Ye Who Are Slackers - Read the Bible in 90 Days With Me

Happy New Year!!

One of my resolutions this year is to be more organized. More disciplined. Yada yada yada I say this every year. I mean it every year too, but then, like, well, life happens.

I was raised by a very (eternally frustrated) orderly woman. And truly, I am much more organized than a person with my temperament should be, because I was raised by her. And that, my friends, is the miracle of adoption.

Problem is I'm a Rule Breaker. Part of it is my rebellious nature, part of it is laziness, part of it is totally subconscious. All of it is sin, don't get me wrong, I'm not denying that. It just seems that some of us are more prone to sin than others.

Can I see a show of hands for the more-prone-to-sinners?

I have some Rule Following friends. Friends whose offices look neat and orderly and their papers are - help me - filed. People whose cars are always inspected on time and don't um, exaggerate a tenintsy bit when they sign their kids' I-read-20-minutes-a-night sheet.

Friends who read their bible every. single. day.

Amy is one of those friends.

Amy is one of my heroes. Heroines. (Not the drug, the girl hero.) (I am sure Amy has never done drugs.) (She is way too much of a rule-follower.)

Not only is Amy sweet and funny and the hostess with the mostest but her desk - y'all. I'm gonna take a picture of it the next time I am at her house. It's so neat it's disgusting. And her kids' crafts/scrapbooking room? I covet. I sit on her little Pottery Barn kid chairs and I covet.

And around October Amy asked if I would join her Bible in 90 Days Blogging Challenge. And October Missy/AmyWannaBe said, "Sure!"

And then a couple of weeks ago, the Christmas cookies hit the fan at the Naptime household. December Missy's head was spinning like a Christmas tree (I know that makes no sense, which is appropriate.) Which happened to be right about the time that Amy and the other organized bloggers started gearing up for the challenge.

And I kept meaning to do it. And Amy kept sending me sweet "Um, have you gotten my emails?" emails. And I began to think, maybe I can start on January 15, do a Slacker Challenge.

Then tonight, I decided that I was just going to email Amy, bow out, and apologize for being the crappiest friend on the planet.

And then I remembered that for the past couple weeks my prayer every morning has been for God to fill me head to toe with his discipline and order, because of my own nature, I have none, zero, nada. But I can be disciplined, I can be orderly, through the power that has already been given to me via the blood of Jesus Christ, should I choose to utilize that power.

And I remembered that the best way to tap into that power is, you know, BY READING THE BIBLE.

And that if I want power daily, then I SHOULD PROBABLY READ THE BIBLE DAILY.

So...I'm in, sweet Amy, I'm in.

And I would oh, so love for you to join me. If you want to, tonight, read Genesis 1-16.

WE CAN DO THIS!! If you don't start tonight, then start sometime this week. It's all good.

And now I am just going to completely copy Amy's post on the way it works. Because that's what rule-breaking slackers do.


Bible in 90 Days: Let’s Get Started!

I am thrilled that you have decided to read the Bible, cover to cover along with me, in 90 days. I assure you this will be an incredible experience. And I can also assure you there will be moments that you will doubt that you can finish it all by March 31. But you can. And you won’t be alone.

I am here to help you get your reading done. I see my role as part tour guide, part cheerleader and, most of all, part your prayer partner. I will be praying for each of you to get through your reading and hear just what God has for you to hear through each passage.

Every aspect of the Bible in 90 Days program is designed to help you to achieve that goal. Seeing as we are an online community and not one who will meet in person, I have made a few modifications to the original plan.

Typically groups meet in person once a week to watch a video, discuss the reading and video, pray and hold each other accountable in the reading progress by wearing color-coded nametags as whether individuals are up to date in their reading or not.

Instead, here is what you will do as part of the challenge:

Sign up here so we all know who is reading along with us. Even if you have signed up on another blog please do so here as well.

Log onto Bible in 90 and listen to an audio message which will expand on the week’s reading every Friday. You’ll find the lessons under “Hear Weekly Lessons.” I would recommend you listen to the Week One message today before you begin reading, if at all possible. (You’ll need to create an account on to access the audio files.)

Sign up for the daily email message of encouragement from the ministry while you are on the Bible in 90 site. This email will give you great tidbits of information to get more from your daily reading. It will also list each day’s reading assignment.

Read 12 pages a day of the Bible in 90 Days program Bible. If you have decided to use a different Bible, you may download this reading schedule and use it with any Bible. Your chances of success greatly drop if you use a different Bible, though, so please consider purchasing or borrowing an official Bible in 90 Days Bible if at all possible. I want you to succeed.

While reading, absorb what you can and let the rest go. Do not go and research every question you have. If there is something you can’t stand not knowing, write down the question and keep moving. You do not want to get bogged down in details. Your goal is not be an expert in the Bible by the end of this. Your goal is to read, attentively, every word of the Bible in 90 days.

Log onto every Monday to let us know where you are in your reading. I’ll post where you should be and you post a comment as whether you are there or not. If you aren’t up to date, please don’t poke around and get lost in the internet. (If you are behind, we want you spending your time reading the Bible, not blogs.) Just let us know you aren’t up to date, and where you are if you feel like it. I’ll know you are still in for the challenge and I’ll know to pray for you, as others might do, as well.

Join the group for a Tweet-up every Monday night from 8-9 CST (this is a new time) to ask questions, discuss the reading and video and encourage each other. Please follow @MomsToolbox and use #B90Days to join in the conversation. This will replace a weekly in-person meeting time, so set this time on your calendar and stick with it, as any other small-group meeting time.

We need community to make this happen. If we all know to be on the internet at the same time we can visit then and not worry about ‘missing’ anything throughout the week while we are reading. If you have a question throughout the week, consider holding it until Monday or commenting on a post on a my blog.

Alright… I think that covers it. Ya still in? Hop on over and watch that video and sign up for the newsletter. It’ll take about 30 minutes. Then get reading!


  1. Okay, I get the whole meaning of this post but what I got was---you're adopted! Cool! So am I and I have an adopted child after 4 bio kids. Sorry for not letting the other stuff register but that is so cool!

    Oh, and would LISTENING to the whole Bible in 90 days count? I bought the Word of Promise Bible on CD for my family this Christmas and it is so easy to just put it on and let the Word soak into your heart.

  2. I printed the schedule for this last week but told no one because I was sure I would fail. And I almost did on Jan 1 but I did get it done!
    Maybe later when I have the computer that has sound I'll check out the links and be more official.

  3. Dude... I'm starting the "read in a year" thing, but 90 days??? Yikes. You are my hero. :)

  4. We started reading the Bible from the beginning on Jan. 1, 2009. We are currently reading about Samson in Judges 15 . . . so our plan is "The Bible in Four Years!" :o) Keep posting and letting us know how it's going!

  5. My ears (eyes?) perked up too when I read that you were adopted! I love adoption stories - our first daughter is ours by adoption. Every adoption is a miracle! :)
    And the Bible in 90 days... wow. I was wanting to read it in a year this year, but here it is Jan 2nd, and I am already behind. Maybe this is just the kick in the pants I need. I am a terrible procrastinator and easily distracted... but I do love a project. Maybe 90 days rather than 365 is the short-term sort of goal I need. :)

  6. I'm totally intimidated by you right now.

    I'm uber-organized, but when it comes to daily Bible reading? Ummmm, not so much. My goal this year is to read the Bible in 365 days and to do it DAILY (for the most part) and not try to "cram" a week's worth of readings into Sunday afternoon. I get very little benefit when I'm mostly just doing it to get another gold star for my chart.

    So I admire your resolve to really tackle this thing. I hope it creates a thirst in you and makes this a new habit.

  7. Woo-Hooooooo! So glad you are finally really in. You can do this and I'll be here (along with the 200 or so others who are doing it, too) to cheer you on, encourage you and pray for you.
    And I'm really not that perfect-- although it is nice to know that someone thinks I sort of am.
    This is going to be an amazing 90 Days!!!

  8. Ok, why is it that I did not know before this that you were adopted? Maybe I did know, and that old plague called "Baby Brain" has gotten me again?? Regardless, I am thrilled to hear it. Very cool...esp as you are now in the middle of your own adoption story!

    I am not signing up officially, but I received my 90 Day Bible yesterday and started today. Gave you a hat tip on my little ole "not nearly as fun or entertaining as yours" House of Horne blog. Thanks so much for letting us know about this!



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