Saturday, January 1, 2011

Let's go CRAZY!! in 2011

"You're crazy, you know? Oh my gah. You're so crazy. I can barely handle two. You have four and you want MORE? Oh my gah. You're crazy!"

I barely know her, but run into her regularly. She seems nice - except for this. Every time, I get the same speech.

Some people, I get the "you're so crazy, and it's so cool" vibe, but not from her. From her, I get the "You're just batpoop crazy" vibe.

I reposition my large behind in the little chair made for a little preschool behind and smile a little forced half smile and nibble my little Christmas tree cookie. She looks at another mom and says, "Do you know how crazy she is? She's already has four kids and she's adopting one more! From Africa! She's crazy!!"

Inhale. Exhale. Half smile semi-sweetly.

"Oh," the other mom says, with the raised eyebrows I know so well by now. "Why are you adopting?"

Now is the moment when I could launch into my informative, yet unoffensive, convincing, yet demure speech, as might be expected of me, Current Available Reigning Ambassador for All Internationally Adopting Mothers.

But today I'm tired. And irritated. And crazy!!

So instead I state, "Because I just can't stand the thought of kids in orphanages."

And then I take a bite of my cookie as the room goes silent. Because evidently no one has an answer to that crazy!! statement.

Nibbling, enjoying the silence, I decide that this might be my ever-ready-answer. Because yes, I can tell you a slew of statistics and quote some hardcore bible verses at you but really? You really wanna know why we're adopting?

We're adopting because I can't stand the thought of kids in orphanages.
Amen. The end. Dig in.

This is my Passion, this kids-in-orphanages thing. This is the thing that makes my heart race. This is the thing I lose sleep over. This is my thang.

Looking back, I've had several passions at given times throughout my life and still do, but Unloved Children has remained consistent, and and I am delighted that it has been nailed down very specifically and proactively to "Unloved Children in Ethiopian Orphanages". Because specifics are our friends, y'all.

This doesn't make me a saint, and contrary to what she fervently believes, it doesn't make me crazy. I just think it makes me that much further along in my journey with this God I claim to love. I think it makes me that much more in tune with this God I declare to worship.

Because I believe that as we cease to be conformed to the world and are transformed by the renewing of our minds, and as we are transformed into his image with every increasing glory, God's heart becomes our heart, and God's passions become our passions.

And God's got a thang for orphans.
Me too.
(A lot of y'all just said Me three.)

What about the rest of you?

It doesn't have to be orphans. Because our God, our Father, Son and Holy Spirit God - He is a God of many Passions.

Which of His passions is reflected in your heart? In what way has He conformed you to His being? How, as Richard Stearns says in one of the books that messed me up this past year, how has God broken your heart for the things that break His heart?

Your Passion may be for AIDS, cancer, homelessness, unborn children, education. Child prostitution. Poverty. Teenagers. College kids. Haiti. Africa. Italy. Inner city Dallas. Suburban Nashville. I've yet to meet a Christian who didn't get very riled up about something that was a direct reflection of God's heart.

Problem is, I think the problem is that many of us - in America, I'll just come flat out and say most of us - let our worldly passions override the godly passions.

Like, a passion for shoes, for instance. A passion for cars. A passion for golf or Big 12 football or music. A passion for looking like we're 25 forever. A passion for the "one sanctioned Christian idol", our children (touchy one!) A passion for looking like the perfect family. A passion for looking like the perfect church. A passion for sports trophies or grades or popularity or the absolutely best looking lawn on the whole block.

I'll tell you right now that at stages in my life my passions have included Pergo floors, breastfeeding, Project Runway, abused children, granite countertops, youth ministry, Words With Friends, and eliminating the gray from my hair (I admit my strong feelings regarding the latter remain.)

Many of these passions, while perhaps not inherently evil, can quickly become so noisy that they drown out the life-changing, eternal consequence making PASSION that God has placed in our hearts to reflect Himself and expand His kingdom in this evil, messed up world!

I have found my big P Passion and let me tell you, it feels good to have it nailed down. So many times over the last year I have said to myself This is IT. This is my THANG! and I get welly every time. I've got my marching orders. It's a wonderful feeling to be in the middle of God's will.

So I'm asking you right now, sisters, as we begin this new year.

What's your Passion?

What's the thang that is gonna make the rest of the world call you CRAZY? (Oh my gah! So crazy!!)

Do you even know?

I've been all over. I've had passions, but they've been undefined. Or I've had passions but gotten off course. And I've had passions that only lasted a season.

Based on my own history of Passion Deficit Disorder, I speculate that there are four places you may camping right now:

Camp 1
You love Jesus, but you feel like you have no passion and no place in this whole Expanding-the-Kingdom stuff.

Okay. We need to talk.
Because you do have a place. A very important place.
God did not claim you from the miry pit so that you might spend the rest of your time on Earth de-sanctifying yourself via Bravo TV while jamming only occasionally to Casting Crowns, as tempting as that may be. 

My biggest advice, aside from reading your bible (oh, please, please don't get sidetracked by a passion that is directly contrary to God's word! Pleeeease!), would be to read one of two books. 

The first is Interrupted, written by Jen Hatmaker, whom I tracked down and forced to go to lunch with me so that we could be classified as Actual Friends. Because Jen messed me up in a big way, and took me out of the suburban slump I had fallen into, and reignited the fire I had in me before sleepness nights and mommafear stole it away. Just trust me, order it, read it.

Jen had already gotten in my head before Radical came out and restated all that she was saying. You can pick either book, up to you.

Then tell me you still don't have Passion. Go ahead. Try.

(There's a serious revival going on in the Church, my friends. It's the most exciting thing I've witnessed in my life. Don't be late to the joyride.)

Camp 2
You don't really know what your Passion is. You are willing, and able, and probably more than a little emotional, but can't pinpoint exactly how God wants to use you for His glory. 

If so, here's what I suggest you do. It's complicated, so you might want to write this down. I'll wait while you get a pencil. Ya ready?




Often the last resort, always the best resort. Just ask Him! Ask the Lord to reveal to you in what way He wants to take your gifts, your resources, your personality traits, your natural inherent passions to further His kingdom. Ask Him to make it clear and make a commitment to submit to the direction He leads you. Reflect on areas that have kept you motivated for years. Then just wait, and don't get impatient if He doesn't email you back by dinner.  It will become clear in good time. He will send people and books and TV shows and podcasts and magazine articles and blogs and facebook links and billboards pointing in a certain direction. Then you may start crying a lot more. Essentially you might begin to think that God is stalking you. (He is.)

Secondly, ask others what they think your Passion is. It may be so obvious to everyone but you, that you get some strange "are you serious?" looks.

(Husbands are especially gifted at those looks.)

Thirdly, test it. If you can't find bible verses that directly reflect God's heart on this issue - no gray areas, no interpretation thunk up in the last fifty years, but black and white God's Word confirming your passion beyond a doubt - then pray for discernment. Rinse, repeat.

Camp 3
You know what your Passion is in the big picture, but you haven't specified it yet. And therefore, you feel scattered and are having trouble being proactive.

Yeah. I pitched my tent here for a while. So many causes, so little time. You get all fired up about something, but then you have this like, life that keeps interfering.

Same thing applies. Pray.

As my life became busier (read: ridiculously demanding offspring) I had to develop a "don't ask don't tell" policy regarding serving God. What I mean is, I don't really volunteer for anything, because my eyes are always bigger than my stomach and I end up over committing and under delivering.

Instead, I keep my big mouth shut, and ask God to send me the opportunities, and when the present themselves, I prayerfully consider each one. This has kept me out of a lot of trouble and made it easier to narrow my focus on what God wants me to do, instead of the cool fun things I think I want to do - until I get in the thick of them and hate myself for volunteering.

Maybe you are the opposite who never volunteers for anything. Are you a bushel hider? Same thing applies.

Ask God to shut down the noise, and to focus your eyes and heart directly where He wants you to focus. Pray for wisdom. “If any of you lacks wisdom, let him (her) ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him (her).” That would be James 1:5.

I do so love me a scriptural guarantee.

Warning though, praying for wisdom can mess you up.

Mess you up good.

And by good, I mean, Good.

In fact, I dare you to Scotch tape that James 1:5 verse to your bathroom mirror. Hang it in a ziplock from your shower caddy. Postit note it to your dash.

I double dog dare you.


Camp 4
You know exactly what your Passion is and exactly what you want to do and you believe wholeheartedly that God is calling you to this, but the timing isn't right.  Oh, sister, this is an especially hard place to be. I know. This is when you must remind yourself constantly and loudly that God's timing is perfect. His ways are sovereign, and your's - are not. Even though you think they are, cute little control freak that you are.

In this case, you must do the hardest thing of all, that is, sit and wait on God. I know, wait is a four letter word, I know!

But one thing I have been blessed to learn is that God's timing is perfect. Take comfort in Psalm 40.
Sing it. Download it. Know that the Lord does intend to use you, when you are ready, when He is ready, when the world is ready.

Until then, immerse yourself in the Word. Prepare your heart, your mind, your soul for the journey ahead.

Go fold a load of laundry while you wait.

Be still. Know, that He is God, and your time - His time - is coming.

And - brace yourself. Fasten your seatbelt. Every other cliche you can call to mind.

Because it's gonna be a crazy ride. Crazy!! Oh my gah, crazy!!

A good, good, crazy ride.

Happy New Year, my precious invisible friends.

I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for us.

** For those of you who are wondering where you might be needed, may I please point you to Child Advocates/CASA (click here for the Houston program), one of my favorite, hands-on ways to help hurting children. **

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  1. Well said. I hope you dont mind if I borrow these words of wisdom and sprinkle them all over me and my family. Thanks.

  2. Great post. My husband just asked me this morning "What is one thing we can pray God would do this year that would otherwise be impossible without Him?" The first things that come to mind are always what line up with my passion(s).

    I am also a mom of four young children and I haven't even told people yet that we are thinking about adoption and we get the "crazy" look. And the question I loathe the most: "You know how that happens, right?" Yes, we pretty much know how you make a baby, thanks ;)

    Happy new year!

  3. best post ever!
    Ive been up with a screaming baby for the last hour and a half, when i had the bright idea to turn on the computer. Ive been talking my new years resolution over with God lately-and the only good one I can offer to Him is to live for Him this year. To be less like the world and more like Him, no matter what anyone thinks.
    thanks for the encouragement and truth!

  4. At first your post seemed a little well, silly to me. Then I remembered that God has been forcing me out of my comfort zone for most of this year. At first I was not happy then I accepted it. He gave me passion and reason to step out into the world to interact and know people. I am horribly shy so I will start 2011 by trying with things like actually commenting on a blog. Wonderful and brave post, IMO.

  5. Missy, thank you for writing this. You have no idea how much I needed this this early morning.

  6. I love, love, love this post! Last May I decided to "listen better" and allow the Lord to lead me where he would. OH MY! It HAS been crazy and I cracked up over the "God stalking you" comment. Seriously, it was like being knocked up side the head over and a good way! :)
    My passion and the one laid on my heart is orphans. My husband turns 30 in April and we're sending in our application to begin adopting! We're changing our lifestyle and priorities. We have three wonderful children and can.not.wait to bring home many many many more! ;) Oi, sorry for the long comment! :)

  7. Thanks for summing up what I need to work on this year! The last several months have been emotionally & physically difficult. I'm ready to drop it all & LEAVE it at my Father's feet. 2011 is a year I want to live w/ real meaning for Christ & not just go through the motions!

  8. Missy, I LOVED this post! I am sooo right there...stepping out of my comfort zone and trying to be the hands and feet of our Heavenly Father! Thanks for these words! I'm writing James 1:5 and posting it everywhere...

    Sybil :)

  9. Dig your thang! Our passion for the orphans of Ethiopia has led us to be equally passionate about development there so prayerfully the numbers of babies/children in orphanages is drastically reduced!! My heart beats for Ethiopia. :)

    Happy New Year!!!

  10. Nothing like starting off the new year with a punch! Excellent thoughts.

  11. Missy, dear, you are crazy and I LOVE it. Crazy for a God who has called you to something bigger than yourself. Crazy enough to Listen when He tells you something and Crazy enough to be Obedient to your Passion. His Passion. I wish I could say more on this here blog, but you are one of many encouragements to me and my husband on our (what seems daunting) journey for our family. So thank you for looking Crazy to the world. It's good.

  12. I love this post, Missy. I have wanted to adopt for so long. I am waiting for my husband to see that 'burning bush' that will cause us to proceed. Maybe this year ....

  13. Amen, sista! Thank you! I love this post. I think I'm gonna have to link it up. I am so glad our family has found our "PASSION". It feels so good! I wish everyone knew how good it felt.

  14. passing this gem, no Diamond, on to all. Thank you for posting such an insightful, important, and supposed-to-be obvious admonition.

    Praying that the church rises up to His calling!

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. My heart is with your heart. You know this. I've been camping in Camp 4 for 6 months. Longer? Can't remember. It's a hard and restless place to be, but I'm here and I'm glad to be.

    Love the killer, heart-piercing, silence-inducing answer there. You're my hero.

  17. You're in good company with the "Crazy" comment. My friend has 8 kids, 4 by birth, 4 adopted. They are currently in the process of adopting their 9th from Vietnam. She gets the "you're crazy" from everyone. (present company excluded, which is probably why I am always one of the first to know!) When she was adopting her first, she had no idea how she would get the money. Her grandpa called her up one day and said "I am paying for it". He said that he would rather know that his money is going to give a child a family while he is alive, than to a car after he was dead. Although this is not my passion, she is my hero!

    My passion right now is my family and Compassion kids. When I quit my job to stay home, I was called "Crazy". Even though I didn't necessarily understand, I knew it was what God wanted for me. I am discipling my children and God needed me to do it, though I don't know why or what for. Who knows who they are going to grow up to be. ;-)

    When I started sponsoring Compassion children, I was also told I was "Crazy". Once again, I strongly felt that God was asking me to have faith and step out of the boat. I came to realize that the phrase "God doesn't call the qualified, he qualifies the called" applies even in financial matters. At the time, I truly did not have the $38 per month to sponsor a child. I was told that I was crazy, selfish and stupid. Someone told me to stop sponsoring kids and start taking care of my kids. (as if they ever went without!) Well, God qualified me and we now sponsor 3 Compassion kids and I am a correspondent sponsor for another.

    I think that when someone else says we are crazy, we are generally on the right path. Everyone said Noah was crazy when he built the ark, and look how that worked out for him! Crazy is good. :-)

  18. Thanks for this great reply, Missy!
    I am sharing this post. And Erin in comments-- what a GREAT question! My husband and I got talking about it,and found it to be a wonderful way to discuss the longings of our hearts for the coming year. I will be blogging about it.

    Mary, mom to many

  19. This post is just simply "it". Ive been on the "crazy train" for so long. There are so many "things" pushing pulling tugging. But that still small voice..... what a blessed sound. Im linking over if you dont mind. I just couldnt say it any better, and if I tried.....

  20. Hi Missy,

    I've linked this post up as my FB status. Thank you so much for sharing it!

    I also have a heart for the orphaned of this world. I've been in Camp 4 for about 2 years. I would love to foster or adopt.

    My main obstacles are that I'm single. And I want to get my PhD.

    Those seem insurmountable at times.

    I've heard all the advice from what seems like EVERY side.

    I KNOW the Lord has called me to be a Mom. I just don't know what that all looks like yet.

    And going Crazy scares me. Um, well that's a little about TERRIFIES ME TO THE CORE.

    I live in Houston...and would LOVE to talk to you about this more.

  21. Thank you so much for posting this! I too have 4 young children and my passion and calling to adoption gets a lot of funny looks, and we haven't even started yet. Thank you also for the 4th option of GOD'S timing. I feel so often I KNOW that I KNOW what God has called us to do, but I also know now isn't the timing He has in mind. For reasons that I can't be public about, we know God is having us wait. So many times I feel like when people have a God ordained passion they have the expectation that 1. Everyone share THEIR passion or 2. If you do share it, but aren't operating on their timing they somehow see it that you are wrong. So thanks first of all for realizing God gives people all kinds of holy discontent and also for acknowledging HIS timing is best. I for one, so appreciate that!

    Happy New Year! According to most (4 kids in 6 years) I'm already crazy so here's to becoming CRAZIER! =)

  22. Loved this post! Thank you so much. I don't even remember how I stumbled upon your blog, but I have been blessed as I've read it. We too are a family with a heart for kids, and lots of them...we are seeking wisdom now on how God would have that look for us. He is so good!

  23. I really enjoyed your post! Heather sent me over from Cheatham Chat. I've been following her adoption process and am forever inspired by her passion and now yours!

  24. Love this post!!! I have such a passion for orphans and adoption...God just keeps growing that passion more and more! I have said so many time over the past year, your exact words..."This is my THING!!!" And I am so glad to have found it! :) Praying our baby girl is HOME in 2011!! Yay for being crazy!

  25. Thank You so much for this encouraging post! Here's to 2011 and the journey to furthering His Kingdom!

  26. LOVE this Missy...just LOVE it! I am mama to 4 under 10 years old too and will be submitting our app to gladney in 2 weeks to begin adoption from Ethiopia. I have been waiting for this day for over a year and my heart has gone crazy over africa and orphans. My fire has soooo been ignited!!! Your words inspire me to keep listening and keep obeying to see what else my God has for our family! Happy New Year to you and yours!!
    Jenn in OK

  27. Outstanding. I'm going to have to link to it!!!

  28. As they say on Family Feud, "Good answer! Good answer!" I may have to steal that one. We just adopted two toddlers with special needs from Ukraine. Some people think we're crazy. Whatevs. I'd rather be crazy and on fire with a passion than BORING.

  29. This is your best post I believe, which is saying a lot. This is my favorite blog ever and I so enjoy your wisdom and humor! I shared it with my Facebook friends in hopes they would recieve a blessing from it as well. Thanks for sharing with us. I pray the Lord will bless you and your family mightily this year!

  30. as a mom to 4 (one adopted from ET) and starting for #2 adoption....I hopeyou don;t mind if I borrow your response. I love it! Love your post. So happy a friend had me ceckout your blog.

  31. Great POst!!!! I think we might share a brain or a heart! HA!! It is pretty dead on how I feel. The funny thing is prior to starting our adoption, I read interuppted on a flight to the CHristian Alliance Orphan Summit in April. That I was attending for work to sit in on classes to help foster kids transition to adult life and etc. Nothing about adoption in the classes I went too. God only knew why he had really sent me. So glad I found your blog and got to read this great post!

  32. Oh yeah.....Passions: Adoption of all forms and homeschooling!!

  33. Hi Missy! I've written you a couple of times before and am happy to share that we are now officially in the #4 category. My husband is on board about adoption (WOOHOO!) although we know that it will be a year or so before we move on in the process. We both feel that a toddler or preschooler will make our family complete but want to wait til our 2 year old is a little older. My older two boys are thrilled. While we wait on God's timing, my resolution for this year is to view my home as my mission field. The 3 babies I've already got are pretty amazing blessings. Thanks for your encouragement and support and wisdom :) I loved your answer to her question and hope to use it soon! Also, my husband picked up Radical yesterday and I'm so excited to read it!

  34. This was a plain old fashioned GOOD POST. And really I work in orphan care/international development (which happens to be my big passion) so I don't easily get riled up and excited on this topic when I read blogs about it. But truly, well said. No kids belong in orphanages. I love the book In A Pit With a Lion on a Snowy Day by Mark Batterson. Seems like it would be up your alley. Sort of a go for it, God given passion persuing book. Had to recommend it. It's been a book I go back to when I have to make big decisions about pursuing a passion for remodeling my house or doing something crazy like moving to a developing country for 6 months. :) (I went - to Thailand to work with Burmese migrant kids.)
    Love your writing, amanda

  35. just got a Nook for Christmas and first thing I did was order Jen's book. THAT felt a little weird - holding something that cost waaay too much reading about how to live more simply.... but at least I got her book cheap!! Great post BTW sister.

  36. I heart crazy people. Crazy is fun and I believe God loves crazy!!
    Which is why OUR adoption blog is called " A Good Kind of Crazy"!!! :)

  37. Great post! BTW the "drawn from water" add on the right hand side of your blog?, well that little girls name is Bale and I'm friends with her mama!
    they also have a blog =)

  38. Missy,
    Can I link to this on our blog (That We MIght Be Adopted)? You nailed it!! I'd love for all our families and blog readers to read this!!

  39. Cannot even began to write how crazy thrilled I am that I happened upon your blog AND that you had this post. It leaves me a lot to think and pray about. THANK YOU!

  40. ok, that's my favorite post ever of yours...way to go sista....LOVED it...if i was a gifted writer..i would have written it..but i'm i'll just send people to yours :) I got the "crazy" comment a couple of days ago..and then...the "well..good for you..i'm glad someone has the heart for those people" Huhhh....ok, good post coming on that some day :) great post, kristi

  41. I met you for a brief moment at a She Speaks Conference a few years ago and you have changed my life ever since...yet again, another post that I can already tell is life changing...I bought Interrupted on-line and downloaded it to my computer...I'm already scared and excited to see how it changes me...
    Thank you be being crazy and sharing it with the bloggers world.

  42. Wonderful post! Mind if I link it from my blog?
    Also my passion is cookie dough.
    And maybe adoption a little bit:)

  43. Missy, thank you. I've slowly transitioned to questioning my passion, to realizing timing might just not be right. It breaks my heart, yet I know that God loves my "thang" so much, that he's waiting until I'm ready to be the best version of His hands and his feet in the place I am being called.
    Thanks for sharing, for affirming that I'm crazy in the best way possible. :)

  44. Amen! I am reading _Radical_ now, and I enjoy the extra push toward tapping into our life passions you just gave. Super!

  45. Amen.

    I've commented never (okay, maybe once?) but man o mighty, have you got this NAILED. Seriously. Every.single.time. I come I think, "Self, she's is DEAD ON. Loving Jesus DEAD ON. Follow her."

    And then someone wakes up from a nap or needs wiping or I'm a space cadet and I forgt.

    Consider yourself followed.

    And I'm stalkerish. So be warned. ;)

  46. I was having difficulties leaving a comment. So if you get multiples from me, please disregard. I wanted to tell you that you are an excellent writer and I can so relate to your article about being passionate and crazy. Your intro reminded me of the response my hairdresser gave me. In September, we were so blessed to have our daughter come home (she is on the right side of your blog). Our church helped start Drawn From Water so right from the beginning my heart was captured with all the beautiful children being rescued. We had the privilege to become parents to Bale and she completes our home. We now have 5 beautiful children and I am pregnant again! People think we are crazy, so why stop now? We might disappoint them. If you have a moment, I hope you can watch our adoption testimony video that we recently shared at church. It is on my blog. Again, I LOVE your writing. You have a beautiful gift! If you are ever on FB, look me up. I would love to be friends with you!

  47. missy, you inspire me so...

    my passion...healing my daughter completely, and telling everyone else so that no more kids have to go through this...

    praise god from whom all blessings flow!

  48. I submit that there is one more camp - the one where we are living with our Passion. We adopted 6 children (one baby, then a sibling group of 5 boys) a little over 10 years ago. When we adopted, we were younger, optimistic, more naive, and had more energy. It's a calling for sure, but the struggle does not end when the Passion is fulfilled. that's actually just the beginning of a life of faithful dependence on the author of the Passion.

    Love your wise words, Love your heart to share.

    With 11 children (and now 5 grandchildren), I had plenty opportunities to respond to the "crazy" comments. When someone said we were out of our minds, I completely agreed. I told them we were on the wild adventure of following Jesus Christ. And when they ask how I do it, I tell them the truth. One day at a time, in total dependence on God.

    A post for my own blog is brewing in my mind. Is it possible that some are called to simply make it easier on those who have decided to adopt? Praise for what we're doing is great - but ongoing, practical help would be a great investment in these abandoned children's lives.

  49. very very good post. I am going to share it :) you took the words right out of my mouth! er, well, you took my words and rephrased them, oh, so much better!! :)

  50. lots to say on this one, but i think you know where i stand ... hee hee ... great post sister !!!

  51. well i think you know where i stand on this one ... lol ... great post sister !!!

  52. Shoot! <---- That is because I don't have time to read all 54 comments but want to. Me: I'm Tonya and I am serving God in Uganda. I could say a whole whole bunch here but I will spare you about me. I came here to say thanks and that I love you. Is that weird? Sorry, but it's true! Someone shared this link on fb and I am thankful, grateful and in love. Reposting!

    Big, crazy, gah!, sized love from Uganda, sister!

  53. I love the comeback about kids in orphanages and may just have to steal it! May this be the year God takes both of our crazy selves to Africa and back twice and the year we bring home our Ethiopian daughters -- or not, whatever you want to do, Lord! His will, not mine has become my multi-daily mantra!

  54. Staying home to raise and KNOW my own children instead of working is my passion... and also anything to do with human trafficking. I feel rather useless in that area right now, because of my first passion (and lack of opportunity), but in time, I'd like to work in that capacity.

  55. Thanks for the encouragement! I definitely fall into Camp #4, and waiting is the name of the game for my husband & me. This year I'm learning to abide in Christ & let Him give good gifts in His time. I had to post Psalm 40 on my blog, hoping it might also encourage someone else.

  56. Thought of you as I read this:

  57. Awesome, inspiring, conviction post! Love your heart, love your advice! Have a blessed 2011!

  58. Is it appropriate to whoop and holler when reading a blog? Because I just did.

    Fabulous answer, Missy. And I believe even Miss Manners would approve. It's honest and direct. And like most great answers, it speaks volumes in its simplicity.

    I so love your heart.

    (And I love some of the comments on this thread, too. I really liked what Mary @ Baker's Dozen said. Wise, challenging words.)

  59. Thank. You.
    Your words are a gift to this "crazy" mama of five.
    I followed my "crazy" husband to Hong Kong on a 2 year expat assignment 18 months ago. And we are all so "crazy" about this out of our comfort zone experience, that we have extended another year! I have just returned from my first mission trip to Cambodia with 36 other "crazy" Jesus followers. And I know it sounds "crazy" but I just know that we have a daughter waiting for us in China. Psalm 40 will become by 2011 prayer as I wait on our Abba Father to speak the same "crazy love language" to my husband directly opening his heart to adoption (one more time)!
    Thank you!
    Your newest "crazy" invisible friend

  60. Thank. You.
    Your words are a gift to this "crazy" mama of five.
    I followed my "crazy" husband to Hong Kong on a 2 year expat assignment 18 months ago. And we are all so "crazy" about this out of our comfort zone experience, that we have extended another year! I have just returned from my first mission trip to Cambodia with 36 other "crazy" Jesus followers. And I know it sounds "crazy" but I just know that we have a daughter waiting for us in China. Psalm 40 will become by 2011 prayer as I wait on our Abba Father to speak the same "crazy love language" to my husband directly opening his heart to adoption (one more time)!
    Thank you!
    Your newest "crazy" invisible friend

  61. Hi. Camp4 here. Mine is forgotten children, the ones who live in walking distance from me. Who will grow up in foster care because no one ever wants to complicate their families or take on heartache and the messiness of fostering to adopt. I do. I am sitting in the hospital holding my newborn baby girl, and even in this moment, with three kids under four, I know our family will not be complete until we open our hearts to a child in our community. I also know God will time this just so, and if I had things my way instead of His I would have missed the tremendous blessing asleep on my chest. So for now I will wait, and grow, and be thankful.

    Because I am crazy too.

  62. Wow - love this post, it might be my favorite post of yours yet! I feel like one foot is in camp 3, and the other in control freak camp 4. Sigh. I need to pray - and act. Thanks for these words.

  63. Hey girl! I am CRAZY too. Crazy for Jesus. I'm crazy about living out Matthew 25:40 - whatever we do for the least of these, we are doing for HIM. Next time someone calls you crazy, just grin and say, "Thanks!" I love how crazy you are! I just plain ole' love you!

  64. What a great post! Thank you!!

  65. This post reminded me of this verse. I had to hunt for the reference but I think it was worth it. Paul doesn't come right out and use the word crazy, but his words sound like his response to some people who thought he was a bit crazy.

    "If we are out of our mind, it is for the sake of God; if we are in our right mind it is for you. For Christ's love compels us." 2 Cor. 4:13-14a

  66. Amazing post...I cried, I laughed and I cried some more!:) You are a beautifully gifted writer and I hope you don't mind if I re-post and put your link on my blog! We are hoping to have our #5 baby home from Ethiopia in yep, we hear the "crazy" comments quite often!

  67. My passion was to get my daughter out of China. And then I did, and I forgot to be passionate anymore, because she was a handful! And I went back to status quo.

    Then God reminded me that there were others out there besides myself, and that He had a son for me in China. And so I became passionate again. And I began thinking of all the ways to advocate for orphans.

    And then I got my son out of the orphanage. We've been home less than a month. And I'm tired and swearing to never be passionate about orphans again.

    Not a great place to be.

    Thanks for the reminder about what's important. It's sifting through my oh-my-goodness-now-what-do-I-do-with-this-boy fog.


  68. LOVED this post- we are just starting our adoption journey and with 2 kids at home we hear the why question alot. I've been struggling with the right response and now it will be "because I can't stand the thought of kids being unloved". We are going to adopt through DSS (hopefully) and I long to be called CRAZY for my wonderful GOD!

  69. Beautiful. I'm speechless. Which is weird for me.

    I love you, crazy friend.

  70. Oh my word Missy - I needed this post so badly today. THANK YOU! I've been sitting sad and frustrated in Camp2 for like a year and I'm ready to be done. And by done I mean get serious about seeking God for my passion.

  71. Love this. I'm one who knows my passion and am pursuing it with all that I have. I also am one who prayed for wisdom ... and it truly messed me up -- in a good way.
    Thanks for sharing!

  72. Wow, I'm convicted by this. Thank you. While I agree that each of us has a unique job to do in his kingdom, I also believe that the Lord is more concerned with making us different than He is with us, making a difference. I think that too often the church puts the cart before the horse (pardon the cliche) by pursuing service to Him rather than pursuing Him. I don't believe that is what you are communicating however, and I am glad for the challenge you have presented. I am praying that God would reveal what passion of His I share, and what special role he wants me to play in his kingdom. Thanks again.

  73. love this post, Missy. You inspire me to be crazy...and be confident in the process!

    I'm thinking about going to PURE in Austin (saw your sidebar ad). I reviewed the site and signed up. How long have you been involved in that? Just curious..would love to hear more when you have a chance. I know you have a crazy busy life and all. :)

  74. Heather - actually, I am saying that a little. I think the American church tends to be so self-focused that we rarely think of others. Jesus told us to GO - not sit in bible study after bible study for 50 years and never be Him to anyone outside of our fancy air conditioned church walls.

    Amy - email me!

  75. I just stumbled upon your blog. I'm an adoptive mom with a passion for the weak. I LOVE this post.

  76. Great post. I'm a little bit where Lyn was. Brought the girl home from China, now it's a struggle to remember who I was a year ago.

    And this is way better than telling people who thought we were crazy (when we had 3 and were adopting 4th) that we needed more kids to help with all the farm chores.

  77. LOVE YOUR RESPONSE! I hate when I go to the statistic zone and it comes out so cold sounding because I am just sick of people who don't understand and look at me like I have 3 heads with 6 eyes on each of them! It makes me so sad that trying to love like Jesus is considered crazy even in the church.

  78. I've been thinking about this post ever since you wrote it. I suspect this will be one I read many times...and that many others read, too. It's a REALLY good one, Missy. Straight from the heart of God with your unique sense of humor sprinkled on top!

    God is trying to mess me up (in a good way). I'm trying to let Him.

    Love and big hugs,

  79. I referenced this post on my blog. It really was so consistent with my thoughts lately :) Hope you don't mind!

  80. My passion is children who have lost a parent. Yes, Adoption. Adoption of 2 little kids in Haiti. Siblings. Which will bring the grand total of children in this house to five. And you want to know why I'm CRAZY!!? Less than a year ago I had a brain aneurysm. Grade 5. I never should have lived thru surgery or thru the night. I did. I was walking 4 days later (so they tell me). I should have still been in a coma. Just over two weeks after the brain aneurysm I came HOME from the hospital. I should be in a in-patient re-hab learning to feed myself, walk, write and more. Instead I'm home doing everything I did before and more. God saved my life. I know that. So my passion is to give children a mom (and a dad) who lost their parents in the earthquake in Haiti. We found a set of siblings who we are just waiting to bring home. There is so much work ahead of us, but God is good and it will all happen in His time.

  81. Excellent post! I have long since felt I have found my "calling" here on earth- its very similar to yours. I'm a social worker. I feel like my life here on earth is what God had planned for me. While you can't stand the thought of children in orphanages (I can't either), I can't stand the thought of children growing up being scared, unloved, hurt, and hungry. I know the difference I make is small, but I also know that I am doing God's work. So many people think I'm crazy too :) I take it as a compliment--because I am so happy doing what I'm doing.

  82. Love your blog!!! I'm a mom of 4 kids, and not stopping having more... When pg with our 4th I actually had someone ask me if I was glutton for punishment?! AT Anyway if you like read about my son, Adams. on my blog :)

  83. Thanks for this awesome post, it really helped me in my journey to live only for Jesus Christ this coming year...

    Oh, I also constantly get the "crazy" accusations as I have six children ranging from 18 years to 18 months... I vacillate between saying "but hubby and I just can't keep our hands off each other" or (my zinger to render them speechless) "Which one do you think I should give back?"

  84. I linked to this today. May you stir the hearts of many on-the-fence-crazy people today.

    I love you,

  85. LOVE your blog. A friend suggested it to me and its been a blessing. We have 4 kids and feel we are called to adopt 2 children and I get that "you so crazy..oh my gah" ALL the time! Orphans are my "thang" too girl! I can't explain it but they are and I love advocating for them - to be their voices when they cannot speak! We always thought that we would adopt from Ethiopia but now we are praying about foster adoption...I will be in touch with you soon. I would love to email you and share my story but just haven't had time yet (you know with all my kids and all (LOL).


  86. WOW!!! All I can wowed me! LOVE THIS POST. LOVE THIS CHALLENGE!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  87. Thanks so much for this post. I'm in the stage of both praying for wisdom and waiting. Thanks for the practical ideas and encouragement!

  88. I read this a few weeks ago but am coming back to say that you literally changed my life with this post. There has been a little too much crying 'round here since then, but I'll get over it :)



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