Around 2007 my husband told me to blog. I told him blogging was about the most narcissistic thing I could possibly imagine anyone doing.

Then I realized that I'm a little narcissistic so here ya go.

I am married to Walker. We got engaged when I was dating someone else.

Nine months and three days after our storybook wedding (it really was and it should have been since I had been planning it since I was 12), a little kid named Shepherd Emmanuel came along.

Motherhood kicked my butt. And taught me so, so much about grace and redemption and new beginnings.

Now I am the perfect mother.

The first night that Shepherd slept through the night, Evangeline Rose was conceived. She was born ten days after his first birthday.

Seven months later, I told a pregnancy test on a lark and the dang thing was positive.

I'm still not quite over the shock of Magdalene Belle. Hilarious Maggie was the star of this blog for a long time.

Seven months after her birth, I learned what it is like to actually plan a baby. Ingram Isaiah was scheduled to be gestated during the school year.

His birth scared the crap out of us. And then they named a hurricane after him.

I used to deal with so much poop - stepping in it, cleaning it, eating it - that I had a whole blog category for it.

Because having four kids in three in a half years wasn't nutty enough, we started the process to adopt from Ethiopia in 2009. Almost four long years later, Bethlehem was finally in our arms.

And she's awesome.

We used to live in Houston, in the burbs, which was fully miserable. Now we live in Austin and know what the Israelites felt like as they entered Canaan. And y'all, they felt really good. But we miss our Houston family something terrible.

Then I quit blogging. For lots of reasons.

But now I think I'm coming back.

I love Jesus but not nearly enough as I should. I'm really glad he doesn't keep score because I'd be hosed.

It took me a long time to realize that he doesn't keep score, by the way.

My house is always a disaster and I am terrible at follow-through and sometimes my kids really get on my nerves. So if you were looking for one of those Pinterest-y mom-bloggers, keep clicking.

Otherwise, please get a cup of coffee, and let's hang.


  1. I love this...especially the part about it taking so long to realize our Jesus does not keep score. It's a good thing he's so patient because I really am slow on the uptake! :)

  2. I found your blog looking for info on The Plan. Then I realized you lived in Austin. Then I realized that (Ithink) we go to the same church. So glad to have found you! So, what was your verdcit? Should I dive in to the "Plan?" And btw you are a super hero.

  3. I love everything about your about page :)



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